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    Re: How Are DBs Trained?

    Coach Saban on DBs and 'phase' via Smart Football
  2. Re: Most Convenient Major Airport near Tuscaloosa

    Thanks for that tip, Jon. We arrive at Hartsfield just after noon so this is going to cut into Ms. fundytide's planned shopping itinerary a little bit.

    Paved road? No moose? Luxury! :biggrin:
  3. Re: Most Convenient Major Airport near Tuscaloosa

    Ms. fundytide and I are going to our first ever game (Bama vs. MSU on November 15th). We're flying Halifax- Toronto- Atlanta and driving Atlanta to Hoover where we will be staying. All this was based...
  4. News Article: View Post

    That's an interesting point. To get turnovers against those kind of offenses, I think a defense has to really attack and that is a high risk/high reward approach that can end up as either a turnover...
  5. News Article: View Post

    Chris Brown at Smart Football writes really good stuff- he wrote that piece on MSU's defense. He has also written a fair bit about Coach Saban's defense including our DB's "pattern matching" which,...
  6. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    And a guy that big requires a double team which is going to leave someone else free to work the edge.
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    Re: How many yards is Eddie Jackson worth?

    I thought Syle played pretty well with the exception of two plays: the early one where he slipped and let the receiver get outside for a big gain and another play (I think in the first half) where he...
  8. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    Your memory is probably better than mine. I'm lucky I found my way home from work today. :biggrin:

    I think I remember one of those passes though; In the red zone he threw the ball low and tight...
  9. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    I agree. If I recall correctly, the first time I heard the term "mush rush" as a DL strategy was when Bama played Florida in the 2009 SECCG. But Tebow wasn't nearly the passing threat that he was...
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    Re: Injury Round Up after Week 1

    This one might not be as bad as it sounds. I had what i think is the same injury about four years ago- its called a pars fracture (mine was just one vertebra though, L5). I got mine from rowing...
  11. Re: What does it mean when people say "we must learn to "STOP" the HUNH offenses"?

    That's a good point and that MSU defense really did prove itself as an excellent D against OSU and Stanford last year. But... the Big Televen is not the powerhouse conference that it once was. I...
  12. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    I agree. We still have to contest every play on D as much as possible but maybe not expect to win as many of those plays as we are accustomed to. But I do think that these HUNH spread teams thrive on...
  13. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    I wondered the same thing given what so many others have said about Trickett passing the ball so quick after the snap. Why not jam and reroute the receivers at the LOS and disrupt the play that way?...
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    Game Thread Re: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. WVU...

    Roll Tide Roll!
  15. Re: Burger King Announces Move To Canada; Tax-and-Spenders Up In Arms

    Lol. Probably not. Two years ago when the US dollar and Canadian dollar were close to par, there was a significant increase in Canadians going shopping in the US as more of us became aware of how...
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