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    Re: Kenyan Drake Arrested

    I think there is a chance he is still eligible for YO status. If so, this will in all likelihood be wiped away. His bigger problem is with CNS honestly...
  2. Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    I dont know who are all the committee members. But I think I can honestly say that Tom Osborne and Archie Manning will regret ever getting involved with this. This has a real opportunity of blowing...
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    Is it possible that he and SOS have an off-the-field relationship where maybe somethings were said relative work habits and such? I am not suggesting that SOS breached a confidence I just wonder if...
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    This all sounds good but how do you disguise all these blitz and coverage packages against a zone read HUNH offense operating on a quick count? Again, it seems to me against these offenses you have...
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    Re: Watching The Oklahoma Replay

    Yeldon had another red zone fumble in the Auburn as well. Drake fumbled early in the game but recovered and sat on the bench the rest of the game. Although it was Yeldon's fault there was another...
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    Re: National Champion Vanderbilt Commodores

    I am really proud of Vandy for winning the NC last night. When I am not rooting for Bama I usually find myself rooting for them in football.
  7. Re: Blowing Leads To Auburn: A Problem We Must Fix Long-Term

    I agree. But let me ask you this question over the last 40 years do you think record is more a result of being beaten on the recruiting trail or coaching talent? I think on average record over this...
  8. Re: Blowing Leads To Auburn: A Problem We Must Fix Long-Term

    I think it would be more informative to show your stats in this manner that way you can assign some accountability to each decade -

    Last 10 years: 4-6 (2013-2004)
    2nd 10 years: 5-5 (2003-1994)...
  9. Re: Blowing Leads To Auburn: A Problem We Must Fix Long-Term

    This tendency has not always been exhibited by CNS. He certainly did not have this tendency while at LSU because I distinctly remember him getting publicly taken to task for running up the score. ...
  10. Link: Re: How Michigan's Greed Alienated Fans: A Cautionary Tale For All College Football

    Simple fact is the colleges and TV are going to have to call on some of the tactics used by the pros to maintain attendance. Essentially speaking its in TV's best interest for stadiums to be full as...
  11. Link: Re: Who Replaces C.J. Mosley at the Will LB Spot?

    WILL-MIKE / MIKE-WILL... You might need to go over this again a little slower next time... :D
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    Re: No more "kinder and gentler"?

    Yeah, we walked right into that trap a few years ago and were made to look like a bunch of fools... Marsh parlayed that approach at the expense of UA into something much better for himself.
  13. Re: Tyrone Prothro testifies at the O'Bannon trial

    I guess it depends on what the model and artist negotiate.

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    Re: Offensive Production in the Saban Era

    From my view, I think the only 2 losses that you can lay at the feet of Nuss are the A&M 2012 and Oklahoma last year. His playcalling in the in the first quarter in the A&M '12 game was terrible...
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    Re: Joker Phillips Resigns as Florida WR Coach

    Could the NCAA slap a show cause on him if he refuses to answer questions?

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