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  1. Re: Garth Brooks "comeback" tour. Anyone care? Will it be a success or a flop?

    Is he related to CLK? Garth Brook's will probably sell out every show, he still has a large following plus if he brings Trisha along that will do it.
  2. Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    Oh lawd, here we go again. I admire his confidence but don't poke a sleeping bear. UT commit DE Andrew Butcher and his boys are going to whip Bama's rear. :rolleyes:

    "I can't wait to beat...
  3. Re: This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps


    What grade do you teach? Have you checked Brindley Mountain in Arab or do you teach higher grade levels? May have a contact for you if you can PM me. My son-in-laws mom worked for the school...
  4. News Article: Re: Alabama players get a surprise early viewing of 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'

    After the last couple of years of them doing this, if there was something wrong I would think that it would have already been said and they wouldn't have allowed it again this year.
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    Re: Fukushima- - VICE (video)

    That's not troubling that's scary as hell and the Japanese government acts just like that. I was in Yokota when the earthquake hit Kobe and the response was so slow to the disaster it was pitiful....
  6. Link: Re: Hamilton Man Arrested Again For Having Sex With Pool Float

    Someone should hide a mouse trap in one of his favorite floats and leave it on the street and wait for the snap and scream.
    Glue a razor blade to the bar and presto, instant guillotine. That ought...
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    Re: Man has sex with ATM then picnic table.

    Hide yo ATM's, hide yo piknik tables! :eek2:
  8. Re: At 4:00 am this morning my wife understood why we own (loaded) guns.

    I agree with the others, definitely not a snub unless she's going to stick it their gut and pull the trigger. I'm a decent shot and I have a hard time with the Colt .38 snub of mine (belonged to my...
  9. Re: At 4:00 am this morning my wife understood why we own (loaded) guns.

    I usually recommend the following when asked.

    Novice - (revolver or auto) depending on strength
    380 cal

    .40 cal or larger
  10. Re: Help me get a day off by coming up with a name for the new UA alumni database

    Organization of
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    Man dies after testing bullet proof vest

    Well it should actually say attempting to test a bullet proof vest. Shooter misses the vest and you got it, a new Darwin Award winner.
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    Re: Speaking of cats...

    Face is flatter like a bobcat and the nose is thinner also, a cougar has a little more snout on it but then again, could be the angle.
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    Re: Speaking of cats...

    You might want to go over there packing, you know, just in case it's hungry. :biggrin2:
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    Re: Speaking of cats...

    It might be the angle of the photo but the head looks like that of a bobcat but the rest looks like a cougar/mtn lion. Someone has done gone and made a Bobcou. :biggrin:
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    Re: What does "gossip" really mean?

    I always considered it talking about others without knowing if the information was true or not then passing it on.
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