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  1. Question: Re: From a Clemson fan- "Do y'all think Dabo is the real deal?"

    Good coach. Great fit at Clemson. If he continues to win at the pace he has been, why not consider him when the time comes? At least consider him. Will the stigma of being a part of the DuBose...
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    Re: Favorite Underdog Win for Bama

    One of my favorite video clips!

    I would also throw in '99 against MSU at home to clinch the West. Can't remember if we were underdogs for sure; but MSU was undefeated and we had just been through...
  3. Re: Alabama has been SEC West’s best over past quarter-century

    Our record against Ole Miss is just funny . . . especially considering they've won two in a row.
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    Game Thread Re: It has come to this - UK votes to leave the EU

    That, or the EU agreeing to change things to keep the whole gang together.
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    Game Thread Re: It has come to this - UK votes to leave the EU

    Unfortunately, I think we see a lot of this in the US as well. Sad.
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    Game Thread Re: It has come to this - Brexit voting later today in the UK...

    I have had to; and, yes, my rates have gone up. I've had quite a bit of disruption to my health insurance, and none of it positive.
  7. Re: The continuous curious case of Alabama quarterbacks

    You mention Dennis Dodd wrote the article, which means I will never click on it. He wrote it to get clicks because he knows Bama fans will do just that. He's a tool who does nothing but try to rile...
  8. Link: Re: Saban Gives Former Bob Jones Punter Opportunity After He Comes Home for Mom with

    Regardless of the schools involved, these are the kind of stories we need to hear more of. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. News Article: Re: CECIL HURT: Lesson from Baylor - Don't Let It Happen Here

    Exactly! The fact that neither Baylor nor Starr himself had enough . . . whatever . . . to completely remove him from the situation speaks volumes to me.
  10. Question: Re: What is the better Road Game? Death Valley or Neyland Stadium

    The scenery driving in to Knoxville in October is incredible; and seeing the Vol Navy tailgating pre-game is pretty cool. Rammer Jammer echoing around the bowl of the stadium in the early 4th qtr is...
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    News Article: Re: Vols favored in every game this year by ESPN

    Yet, you are defending them in this thread like you are a VFL. :D :D

    They have five games that are basically gimmees. This team should easily get to 8 wins. Stretch goal should be 10. However,...
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    Re: Brokaw rips Bama

    This is the problem with the internet. Speakers pander to the audience that they are getting paid to speak to. It's been happening since the beginning of time; but, due to the internet, people try...
  13. Re: Auburn Fan: "Here's a Stat to Prove We are Bad but Not as Bad as You"

    "We're the best of the losers!" (which really isn't true either; but we'll let them get the tractors out and celebrate)

    I love it! Roll Tide Roll!
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    Re: Former NFL D-Line Coach Karl Dunbar Expected to be Named DL Coach

    Timing is everything. Looks like this will be a good fit for us.
  15. Link: Re: Tennessee JUCO Signee Jonathan Kongbo Says UT will Beat Everyone in 2016

    I believe the record shows that Alabama has been figuring out how to win quite a bit over the last 10 years. Tennessee? Not so much . . .
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