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    Re: Gator Drowns Toddler At Disney World

    Man, you beat me to it! That was the first thing that I thought of when I saw that! :)
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    Re: Gator Drowns Toddler At Disney World

    I thought I would add a little something to this about Disney. Understand that Disney has only developed about 35% of the land they own in Florida. To stand atop the Contemporary Resort at night,...
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    Re: Fascism? Or is it Nationalism?

    I am sure if those old, or really old Germans were in Koln today, they would be complaining about the large influx of Syrian and other Muslim populations into their country. I am sure if they are...
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    Link: Re: Gaspard resigns

    I have not read the entire thread but I think Dunn would take the Bama job. If I am not mistaken, Sammy Dunn had agreed to become the Bama head coach in the early 90's but backed out due to health...
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    Re: The Hammer Falls: Mike Hubbard Indicted

    Speaking of McDonnell and your state of Virginia, could you have two governors in prison at the same time?
  6. Re: VA Secretary Still Deaf After All of the Issues at VA Hospitals

    And, who was the senator who said that all of the problems at the VA that were being talked about in the media were just made up stories by Republicans and Conservatives? The Bern himself!
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    Re: Texas de Brazil

    The location in Birmingham opened around the same time that Bruno Mars came to Birmingham. That poor staff was so unprepared for that evening. Really sad.

    I hear it has gotten up to par now,...
  8. Re: Angelina Jolie to teach at London School of Economics

    I think she does have an impressive resume of humanitarian works (at least as far as I know) or she could be raking in funds through a charity much like the Clintons. However, Jolie does seem legit....
  9. Re: VA Secretary Still Deaf After All of the Issues at VA Hospitals

    Actually Disney wait times are better and they actually research plans of action to improve the wait times. Maybe Goofy would be better at serving as head of the VA than this clown.
  10. Re: US tank crews get schooled in NATO tank challenge

    This also gets into the lack of training our military is receiving at the moment (over the last 5 plus years), the pink slips given out to quality service members while keeping many an idiot in...
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    Re: Bill Clinton A Rapist?

    When it comes to all of these sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton, I always wonder about the allegations we do not know about. Two interesting stories. When I was in the Navy we had a...
  12. Link: Re: Derrick Henry Makes 'Big' First Impression on Teammates

    But I still think they are weak at QB. I am not sure Mariotta can stay healthy and Mettenburg, is well, Mett! With the increased run game, I hope it helps Mariotta to stay healthy and be a better...
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    Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    Would Trump's actions in renegotiating our trade deals have any negative effects on your yearly trips to Asia?
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    The Steelers actually do like Coates. He began to play well for them at the end of the season and in the playoffs. The kid was able to get healthy but the time off to heal helped the Steelers in...
  15. Link: Re: Some really humanist judges still remain on the bench...

    If the federal government really wants to turn the V.A. around for the better, they should have a sit down with that judge and that former special ops soldier.
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