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    Re: Scarbinsky with a suggestion to those in BDS

    This is perfect. I don't go to many games, but I was there this past weekend and I loved hearing the song. Didn't know what was being said, but now that I do, it would bother me. I agree that...
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    Re: Scarbinsky with a suggestion to those in BDS

    I've heard the song played and I love that it's a tradition in the stadium. I've never understood the extra words to it. Could someone tell me what they are? Is it true that the "F" word is used? ...
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    Re: Pick the score: Auburn vs. Alabama (Iron Bowl)

    I think, if Bama wants to and executes, they score as much as they want. If we put together a game like we did against TAMU, this will be a blowout mid-way through the second quarter. Will we? I...
  4. Re: Opinions on the Possibility of Muschamp to Alabama

    If not for Saban, I might be worried about the Miami Heat syndrome. Too many super starts (in this case, former HCs) on the same team. I also think, if he is offered (and he probably will be) Will...
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    Re: Pick the score: Western Carolina vs. Alabama

    Games like this usually aggravate me because a few times we have not gotten ahead like I had hoped we would and had the backups in by second quarter. I hope we do that this week. I'd like to see...
  6. Thread: CFN Bama vs. LSU

    by BamaJ

    Re: CFN Bama vs. LSU

    I like it! "Blake and Sims and Heisman and contender in the same sentence..."
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    Link: Re: State of auburn shirts

    All of what has been said, plus...most people think they are in Georgia, so now people will know. I'm sure that was the intention here.
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    Re: This is LSU week, why does it not feel like it?

    It took me til Wednesday, but I'm ready now. The video above is ok, but it's old. We need a 2014 Bama/LSU hype video with some pump it up music. Wish I was talented enough to make one. But, yeah,...
  9. Question: Re: So if you are Alabama how do you attack the LSU defense?

    I may be a day late and a dollar short, but I say we just do what we do. Feed the playmakers. If they double up on Coop, someone else is open. Blake just has to find them. If we go out and...
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    Re: Pick the score: Crimson Tide vs Tiguhs

    I agree that he's played in big games, but he's also played in big road games and played not so well or smart. Please understand, I'm not saying pull him and put him on the bench and never play him...
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    Re: Pick the score: Crimson Tide vs Tiguhs

    Bama 35 LSU 13

    Side note: If Blake begins messing up in the first quarter and gets that deer in the headlight look, do we pull him?
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    Re: Happy Birthday Coach Saban

    Happy Reformation Day Coach!!! Oh, and Happy Birthday too!!! Maybe relax for a day bro. Roll Tide!!!
  13. News Article: Re: Alabama, SEC in good position for playoff rankings - Las Vegas Review Journal

    Who is this guy again? JW
  14. Re: Did anyone notice the dates of the Bowl Games this year?

    Why on earth are the championship games always on Monday???
  15. Re: ESPN's Local Troll Danny Kannel Shows That "SEC Bias"

    Danny is just an idiot. I don't think all of ESPN is in agreement with him. This dude just has it out for our division and the more the fans pee and moan, the more he loves it. He's gonna keep...
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