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  1. Re: Bama offers 2014 QB Jarrett Stidham

    BU seems to be the leader! Good for them! He played at the HS where Art Briles coached.
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    Link: Re: The Curious Case of Rolando McClain

    There are a whole bunch of good life lessons in that one article...thanks for sharing.
  3. Link: Re: Former Tider Wallace Gillberry Welcomes Manziel

    Gilberry has played longer than ANYONE ever thought he would. And yes...I don't see JM playing 3 years at the rate he is going.
  4. Re: Rick Neuheisal on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    No...they would not. And CFB needs USCw to be a dominant program better for the West Coast and national markets. UO is a late comer -- wannabe.
  5. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

  6. Re: Rick Neuheisel on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    I lived in Beaverton, Oregon from 64-68...part of middle school and high school. Great state...but population base is so small that football was never really a big thing. UO and OSU were not that...
  7. Re: Blake Sims should have been a Heisman Trophy finalist

    Blake has far exceeded all our expectations...I am overjoyed for him and the team. Also, note that two players, Blake and Jalston Fowler, both of whom stayed for 5 years and worked hard, now have...
  8. Re: *** CB / S Ronnie Harrison Updates Commits to Alabama ***

    According to he signed a LOI since he is coming in January. Signed, sealed and ....
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    QB's Pass in the Night :)

    The QB's at Bama and GT are close in size & talent -- yet swapped states! Justin Thomas is from Prattville and went to GT to play QB. CNS told him he could play safety at Bama, but was too short to...
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    Re: Bo Davis Appreciation Thread

    I honestly thought Reed and Robinson played the best of our D line -- but all have been fantastic.
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    Re: Say something nice about Ohio State thread.

    They have a nice band...:) I have always like Archie Griffin...class act.
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    News Article: Re: Cecils Hurt Article

    Great article...well written and thought out. Thanks for sharing...
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    Re: Blake Sims (remarkable year)

    His best game -- better than even UF and TA&M as the competition and setting was much higher. He runs the West Coast offense extremely well...finding the open receivers was incredible.

    I don't...
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    Re: Our Pass D Will Need to Improve...

    Or a 48 hour rule against "whining" after winning an SEC Championship.
  15. Re: Would McElwain be at Florida had he not Coached at Bama?

    Quality coaches rise to the top -- no matter where they start.
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