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  1. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Jeremy Johnson had game action last year inlcuding a start for a half vs Arkansas IIRC. and he looked darn good..
  2. Link: Re: AJ McCarron and Jameis Winston to square off tonight on ESPN

    the Bengals have some talent. I think they are about as trendy as they can get with the head coaching they have. they will be a playoff team this year but nothing more with the current coaching staff.
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    Poll: Re: Pick the starting QB for Wisconsin game

    I think whoever starts the first game will be our guy. And i think that guy will be Coker.
  4. Link: Re: AJ McCarron and Jameis Winston to square off tonight on ESPN

    Green just dropped that one.
    that was a perfect pass
  5. Link: Re: AJ McCarron and Jameis Winston to square off tonight on ESPN

    dont let go that easily lol.. plus, you made it through with Michael Pittman and Dwight Smith. I think Winston has a huge NFL arm, just a matter of his decision making. I can see him having an Andrew...
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    Re: QB battle at Scrimmage #2...

    whoever we choose they will grow into the position thus looking a little better than they do now. Blake and AJ both had similar spurts over the course of the season. none of these guys have game...
  7. Link: Re: Top 5 CFB games every week during the season

    going to be a thursday nighter. may turn out to be interesting. i love thursday night football
  8. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    40 times in the nfl combine and high school are on a totally different scale. High school 40 times are nowhere near as accurate. Blake had some pretty good wheels. an NFL run in the 4.5's is pretty...
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    Re: My take on where the QB job is at...

    he wouldnt be wasting reps with the others.
    no chance.
  10. Re: Colts Waive Trent Richardson/ Signs with Raiders

    i'm thinking 3rd team behind Helu at this point.
  11. Re: Link: Let The QB Battle Begin (and other Fall Camp discussion)...

    no way i'd make any type of prediction on who should be QB this season. as last year showed, we wont know until we know.
  12. News Article: Re: Cyrus Jones Feels Overlooked Nationally, Ready to 'Show People What I'm All About

    he's solid imo. his biggest issue though is his height. his listed height IMO is generous.
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    Re: Disecting Alabama vs. Wisconsin

    if we can stop the run, we will be able to name our score. Unless he has had a heck of an offseason, Stave is one of the worst QB's in the Big whatever it is..Having said that, Clement scares me. He...
  14. Re: Maine restaurant owner yells at child who was having a fit

    but how does any of that make screaming at the 2 year old ok? what exactly did that accomplish? looks like a complete idiot to me.
  15. News Article: Re: 2015 RB Xavian Marks Joins the Football Team

    we need bodies at RB. coaches arent looking for him to start. Or even get meaningful playing time. But like all the others, he'll get his chances to make a difference. And who knows. Scat backs can...
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