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    Question: Re: Offensive Line Assistant coaches

    Just another strong recruiter in the very fertile South Florida region.....
  2. Re: TE Arshad Jackson / Official Auburn Decommitment Thread

    Cameron Luper committed to TCU - 1/13/13
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    Re: Players Forgoing Senior Year to Go Pro reporting as official
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    Re: Top Targets left before NSD

    I hate to play the pessimistic card here, but does anyone out there see any current commits wavering? (thus making additional room for some of the names above)
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    Re: Blast from the past -- January 2008

    That is incredible.....I can't in all honesty say that I expected this kind of run...and to think a lot of the "experts" claim the three loss 2010 team was the most talented team on paper. Of course,...
  6. Re: 3 weeks from today: what are your early score predictions?

    Defense, as we know wins championships, so I am thinking a low scoring make the other team make a mistake game.....Bama wins 22-13
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    Re: So Who Gets Your Heisman Vote?

    Totally agree with this statement as I have made similar statements in the conversations I have had with friends.....

    If Johnny Sidearm doesn't win it, throw it away. But don't be surprised if...
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    Re: 2013 BCS Championship Game Tickets

    Does anyone know the face value of the tickets? I would think you have different price points, but what do a majority of the tickets go for, before the secondary market starts to set new values?
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    Re: Jesse Palmer says Florida is #1... Period

    Hey Jesse, they give out the crystal football in January, not November....he should know that! Oh, I'm sorry your Gators do not get a chance to play for it...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. LSU

    I wish that I could agree and go with my crimson colored glasses, but I just do not see it not being a close game. Coach Saban already touched on the emotional aspects and how it affected us last...
  11. Question: Re: We know about our pass blocking concerns. But does LSU have pass protection issue

    In response to holding the SEC's leader rusher to 40 yards, you have to keep in mind that the leading rusher, Perkins, is the guy for MSU. LSU goes four deep at the RB position....How do the stats...
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    Re: ATH Derrick Henry Updates ('Bama Leads)

    Ok, so let me try to understand what Burton Burns may see next spring/summer.......Tyren Jones 4*, Altee Tenpenny 4*, and now Derrick Henry 4*.....oh yea, couple of guys name Drake and Yeldon, not to...
  13. Re: I do not see Tyler Love's name on the Roster. Is he off the team now?

    He decided to give up football and pursue his education.
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    Re: Bama at Disney

    I leave Saturday for the land of the Mouse, and I too will be sporting my Bama gear......I have already packed both championship hats and shirts for the trip.

    However, my favorite, and my wife...
  15. Re: John Fulton - The Perfect Example of the Talent at Alabama

    Great post as I would have to be included in the group quesstioning when he was going to step up! Of course, the talent has been ridiculous in front of him.

    Not quite the same given the short...
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