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    Question: Re: Should the SEC go to 9 conference games?

    I hate to have to be the bringer of shocking news to a few of you, BUT, Coach Saban isn't always right. Maybe even more shocking, for some a bit older, Coach Bryant wasn't always right.
  2. Re: Would not be surprised to hear Richt getting fired soon.

    When Richt leaves UGA it will be his decision, they will NEVER fire him.
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    Poll: Re: Bama/Tenn, who gets the game ball?

    For sure none of the coaching staff should get a ball on this one.
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    Re: Ole Miss vs Auburn - Who are you pulling for?

    I don't pull for the barn. (that's period)
    There are NO reasons to pull for the barn or tenersea.
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    Re: Mark Richt is a Good Man?

    Like the "he's a good man" thing, there is another, "a team always reflects the coach", both are not always so.
    I believe CMR to be a "good man", I also believe he is a "good coach", I do not...
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    Question: Re: Anyone miss the Legion Field games?

    If frogs had wings,
    1-and B'ham had maintained an SEC caliber stadium, capacity and facility wise,
    2-Bama & the Barn both have what they now have.
    3-I would love to have this plan
    a-1st year...
  7. Re: Freshmen Who Played in Week One

    After all the talk, I expected to see Payne a lot.
  8. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    We had little trouble against his D at Texas.
    Little trouble against his D at UF.
    Kiffin (as OC at USC ) had little trouble against his D at Texas. (USC's only real problem in that game was Vince...
  9. Re: Would McElwain be at Florida had he not Coached at Bama?

    Well no, but then Saban wouldn't be at Bama had he not coached at LSU. It is what it is.
  10. Re: Thoughts on UAB players and where they'll end up

    Not familiar with any of their players, but would LOVE to have Bill Clark on the Bama staff.
  11. What UGA did against the Barn VS what we can do

    I think we can match/better any players on the UGA D.
    Nick & Kerby should be able to do what Pruitt did.
    I will be very disappointed if we don't.

    As a whole, I don't think our O-line can run...
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    Re: Running Backs

    I want Fowler in the game at RB, especially when other RBs are dancing. Fowler is north & south, sometimes that is the only thing we need, and it is lacking often times in the other RBs.
  13. Link: Re: LES MILES. 'Game left a bad taste in my mouth'( officiating)

    Well Nebuchadnezzar, (that's Les for anyone who doesen't understand) you can always apply for the "Micheegen" job.
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    Re: Jerry Duncan Smokey Quote

    I think it was 2002, Neyland Stadium, 107,000+ in attendance (at the start)
    final was Bama 34 them 14
    On the Alabama Radio Network, late in the game, Bama leading BIG, Vile fans leaving by the...
  15. Re: Will the SEC Office Suspend Elston (Olé Miss) Player?

    "The Kick" just another of the MANY things the fine SEC refs didn't see Saturday. The fans of both schools deserved better.
    Even Vern saw it and made a comment, but he let it rest because Gary...
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