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    Re: CHanges to the Game we all love

    I well remember football in the 60s and I enjoyed it just as much then even though the game was different. I can remember when a team broke from the huddle and you couldn't tell the linemen from the...
  2. Link: Re: Bielema: I Came Here To Beat Bama, Win SEC Titles

    Bielema has always struck me as rather obnoxious but I wouldn't pay millions for a football coach who didn't show up with the attitude that he was going to build a program that would whip everyone...
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    Re: Texas has a problem

    Now you are getting away from football and irritating at least one Tide fan (me). I have no love for the Longhorns but plenty of respect for the state of Texas and the people from Alabama and all...
  4. Link: Re: Texas Is Moving To An Up-Tempo Offense This Spring

    Texas high school football may or may not be overated but that is not the problem. Texas produces enough talent for the Longhorns to run any type of offense or defense they choose. The problem is...
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    Re: Greetings from Sacramento

    I moved around a lot over the past 3 decades and never knew what was going on with Alabama football until I got a computer and the internet. Now I stay more current than my relatives in Alabama (at...
  6. Link: Re: ND Fans still talking smack opposing fans return the favor!

    Couldn't have said it better myself. The only problem I ever had when playing sports in below freezing weather was cold hands and now the players are wearing gloves even when it is triple digits. ...
  7. Blog: Re: Katherine Webb: boyfriend, AJ, wants to play for Cowboys’

    I remember watching the Cowboys in the old Cotton Bowl when LeeRoy Jordan was a rookie. The Cowboys had a classy coach (Tom Landry) and an owner who let the football people run the franchise, so...
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    Question: Re: The morning after...

    I'm feeling really laid back this morning. The game went just like I had heck with a close exciting game. I also vividly remember the 24-23 game in '73. It is nice to finally have...
  9. Question: Re: Will Charlie Strong Be Florida's Next Head Coach???

    Compared to Bo Pellini, I think Muschamp looks like a model of self control.
  10. Re: who will stand with the Tide for the BCS game

    I remember the results of a poll some years ago regarding the most liked and the most hated NFL teams. It seems the Dallas Cowboys were first in both cases. I think of Notre Dame in the same terms.
  11. Re: LSU Punter Brad Wing Suspended For Chick-fil-A Bowl

    Discipline acknowledges the reality that to be successful one must conform to the rules and directives of the organization and the boss/coach. If one chooses to ingnore those rules and directives...
  12. Re: Alabama Fans Thoughts on Possibility of OU to the SEC

    I still like the idea of a conference with some geographical and cultural cohesion. I am a Southerner and I identify with the SEC. There ain't much South beyond east Texas and Arkansas. A&M is be...
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    Link: Re: New Recruiting Tactic: Babysitter Needed

    Some of us old timers are still dealing with cultural shock...we can remember when it was not uncommon for players to by be both parents and married.
  14. Re: Will brain injury discoveries radically change football?

    Maybe we fans of big boy football are the dinosaurs. The game has changed a lot in the past. I bet there were old timers who complained about the loss of the flying wedge for decades afterwards. ...
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    Question: Re: Texas A&M

    A good response. You may occasionally want to use the response again for other posts, even on this great site.
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