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    Re: LSU honors law enforcement

    Really cool!! Way to go LSU!
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    Re: Expansion: Alive and Well

    I recommend the Big 12 take Missouri and Auburn!!
  3. Re: Tide OL Alphonse Taylor arrested, charged with DUI

    I suspect Alphonse will miss some games
  4. Re: Missouri AD leaves for same position at Baylor

    The University of Missouri has big problems. Their freshman class is going to be down over 33 percent this year.
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    Re: And still WBC champion Deontay Wilder

    Way to go Deontay!!!!
  6. Link: Re: Alabama can literally field a 5* defense if they want...

    This defense could definitely be one to remember.
  7. Re: Chad Kelly: "I'm the best QB in the Nation."

    Chad Kelly IS good.......the best??....I don't really think so.
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    Re: Bama Winning vs Hillary Winning

    Bama. ☺
  9. Re: 2 Dallas PD shot during BLM protest (Update: 12 shot, 5 dead)

    Law Enforcement needs to be supported all communities. Bad cops (racist, bribe takers, etc) must be weeded out. The President should strongly condemn this "hate crime" of racism...
  10. Question: Re: From a Clemson fan- "Do y'all think Dabo is the real deal?"

    Dabob has done a fantastic job at Clemson. I think he would do a great job here...or most anywhere.
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    Re: What game are you (re)watching?

    The Michigan State playoff game is coming on the SEC network at 2 central time today...followed by the National championship game against Clemson.
    Two GREAT games!
  12. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas

    Facts don't always matter to the NCAA. There has apparently been ample evidence of long time academic fraud at North Carolina....nothing has been done. I remember when several Auburn players...
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    Re: Favorite Underdog Win for Bama

    Beating Miami for the '92 championship.
    2nd place....blowing out Florida in the '99 SEC Championship game.
  14. Re: Alabama has been SEC West’s best over past quarter-century

    And this includes about the worst 10 year spell in Bama history 1997-2006.
  15. Link: Re: Visualizing Alabama's Recruiting Dominance

    Just unbelievable what Coach Saban has been able to do!
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