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  1. Re: Satellite camps are done (Not anymore - NCAA Changes Its Mind)

    I wonder how Harbaugh likes that hat on #72 ;)
  2. Link: Re: Verne Lundquist To Be Replaced By Brad Nessler

    I still think his "...this ain't Kentucky" remark when we were playing Florida in 2005 is one of the funniest things I have ever heard on a sports broadcast. I like Verne and will be sad to see him...
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    Re: Cancel Spring Game: the new fad

    Is that Jesse Williams dressed up as an Arizona fan? :conf3:
  4. Re: Will you be outraged if Nick Saban is college football's first $8 Million Man?

    I graduated from Bama in 1997, and when I go back to visit, there are entire chunks of the campus that I don't even recognize. It is absolute incredible how much the university has grown, both in...
  5. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Cold weather canít stop the celebration of #16

    How cold was it that day in Tuscaloosa?
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    Re: Question re OL

    Have we snapped the ball "on 2" one time this entire year? It seems like "Down, Set, Hike" every time we line up, which is obviously an advantage to the DL. I don't think it's play calling as much...
  7. Re: J.C. Hassenauer actually played pretty well...

    Maybe we should try a hard count on the next 3rd & 4 play.
  8. Re: Your College Football Team's Brand (SI Article)

    Thanks for the link. Not sure I agree with this part:

    It seems like we always hear how complex and difficult our defensive scheme is to learn. And, compared to lots of spread offenses, I...
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    Link: Re: A new running back

    Shaud Williams?
  10. Re: Where the four finalists get their players

    And, that one from Colorado has really been big for us this year!
  11. Re: Navy will wear "Don't Tread on Me" uniforms for Army-Navy game

    Why is there no apostrophe in "don't"?
  12. Re: LSU Game Week Practice Reports and Media Appearances

    Great quote.
  13. Re: THIS is why you don't stretch the ball into the endzone...

    Pretty sure Zeke was moved over to defense in Coach Saban's first year. He played JACK and played it pretty well if I remember right.
  14. Re: THIS is why you don't stretch the ball into the endzone...

    I remember that play, but I believe the WR was Earl Alexander. Either way, similar type of play.
  15. Re: Muschamp is a hardcore disciplinarian - 3 players back after 10-second suspension

    Muschamp doesn't like being questioned on his decision...

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