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  1. Re: West Virginia Kickoff Time Announced (2:30 central)

    sure, they surprisingly beat Okla St at home last year but that was the first game in over 30 years they won as a big underdog of 15+ points

    WVU have a ton of issues but one bright spot is RB even...
  2. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    awesome class....truly remarkable group
  3. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    how the heck did that happen? wow! first foster and now evans from Barn HS? ha ha :biggrin2:
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    Re: *** CB Marlon Humphrey Commits to Alabama ***

    great news for sure! welcome the next great bama humphrey
  5. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    not about like or dislike...about respect. i'd be shocked if even 5% of alabama fans didn't respect Coach Saban not only as a coach but as a winner, leader, and a man that understand accountability....
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    Re: Alabama Juniors Declaring for the NFL Draft

    best of luck to all four. Ha Ha, IMHO, will be a star in the NFL
  7. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    of course i'll support any choice CNS makes for OC but some of you folks are pretty hypocritical...ripping on Kiffy for years but then the second he's linked to Bama he's a genius, brilliant, and a...
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    Re: AJ is rooting for the barn

    AJ can root for whoever he wants ... i will never root for the barn or the viles....period
  9. Re: Paul Finebaum - Describe the man in one word.

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    Re: How excited are you about Bama's future?

    definitely excited but I don't think it's going to get any easier than it would have been this year. LSU was down this year and will be much better in next few years....obviously the barn is going...
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    ScoreBig for tix

    just used them for the first time...pretty sweet site.

    Guess I'd say they are the priceline of sports tix....for sugar bowl they have 5 levels of seating from 1 (up top) to 5 (club level...
  12. Re: Gonna buy a Jersey from The Trunk in Tuscaloosa...

    i've got barker, hightower, nameless #12, and shaun alexander ....

    guessing by the #'s you're tossing out there you're in your 40's like me so i'd go with one of the fellas i have or D Thomas
  13. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    hopefully some tide fans now know better than to blame CNS for not responding to every twitter or rumor..... hopefully
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    Re: Army vs. Navy Who you Got?

    could be some crazy weather

    game is 3pm....

    Storm Time Line:
  15. Link: Re: Kevin Sumlin Gets New 6 Year, $30 Million Contract

    $5M year .... for a coach at aTm? times, they are a'changing....
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