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    Re: Guarantee all Americans an income

    This is what happens when job creation is more important than actual productivity.
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    Re: Craig Sager Diagnosed With Leukemia

    Mousing over the thread title resulted in "He's done..." and I thought to myself, dang that's cold, selma
  3. Re: A FaceBook Friend Posted A Confusing Road Sign She Recently Saw While Traveling

    Not sure how you would concisely word a sign to convey the idea that even though the normal roadways might not be frozen over, a bridge might be, because it doesn't retain heat as well.
  4. Re: Portland reservoir to be drained after teen pees in it

    People sure are weird about things like this.
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    Re: I think I need a new TV

    I initially read this as "survived two long movies" and thought "Well, I should HOPE so"

    It's not MHz when you're talking about refresh rate, it's just Hz.
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    Re: How do you feel about the Sugar Bowl loss?

    Acceptance is the final stage of grief
  7. Re: A FaceBook Friend Posted A Confusing Road Sign She Recently Saw While Traveling

    These signs would not be out of place in Mobile.
  8. Re: Does your pediatrician not treat kids who's parents refuse vaccinations?

    First I was like *this* and then he was like *this* and then we were like *that* and then I was like WHOOOAAAAAA
  9. Re: Gun Control News (Bloomberg One Way, Harry Reid The Other)

    The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality

    And the "Wild West" is commonly cited as something we don't want, when it was much more civil than what we have today, unlike...
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    Re: Utah women kills 6 of her newborn babies

    If she had made a deal with the Pakistanis, maybe nobody would ever have known.
  11. Re: Does your pediatrician not treat kids whose parents refuse vaccinations?

    What we need is more chicken pox parties.
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    Re: HE Washing Machines

    I have a HE front loader from LG.
    We leave the door cracked open in between washes and periodically run a cycle with some Affresh and it seems fine.
    The cats are enthralled with viewing the...
  13. Link: Re: Alabama hires Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator

    Next thing you know, Auburn will hire Dennis Franchione.
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    I learn by doing.
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    Re: Exotic Foods you have eaten?

    Sum Yung Guy
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