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  1. Link: Re: Injury will Force Alabama to Play 3 Freshmen Defensive Backs in Dime Package

    Anyone have an update or info on Tony Brown? I think he was injured a bit in camp, but after the way he came on last year as a true freshman I was hoping for him to be a breakout star for our...
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    Re: Yeldon to the Jags

    As a fellow Jags fan that's spent the last decade in Louisiana, California, and Virginia; I understand the frustration of trying to explain to other NFL fans that Jacksonville was pretty dang good...
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    1. Bobby Humphrey: Favorite player growing up. I wore #26 and was even given the nickname "Hump" for a year or two playing JV as a tailback. When I moved up to varsity I was very disapointed when I...
  4. Link: Re: Check Out These Concept Helmet Designs For Alabama

    I think we all agree that our it's pretty awesome that our uniforms have been pretty much the same since the 60's. Cleat color has been the biggest variable. Back in the day all teams wore black...
  5. Link: Re: Check Out These Concept Helmet Designs For Alabama

    Add me to the vocal majority that is adamantly against changing our beloved helmets, jerseys, or pants to anything other than they currently are!

    Deep breath..... However, I am not necessarily...
  6. Re: Candidates to replace Lance Thompson and Kevin Steele

    Chris Kiffin was named 2013 Recruiter of the year, so he would obviously be great addition in that area. But like 579 said, he's a DL coach and I don't see Bo Davis going anywhere. Could C. Kiffin...
  7. Re: I'll take "Terribly unfortunate names" for $500, Alex.

    Former NFL defensive back Harry Colon. Played for the Patriots, Lions, and Jaguars in the early to mid 90s.
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    Re: The rest of the SEC's bowl games

    We should show this video to any recruit that we want that is also considering Tennessee. NO WAY they could keep from laughing!
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    Re: The REAL winners in all of this.

    Look, I feel bad for the players at TCU and Baylor.

    TCU had a great season, worked their way up to #3, and then drop to 6? The playoff committee is responsible for part of that by the way...
  10. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    Actually, not the only reason. As a Jags fan, I know there's a perception that they have the worst attendance in the NFL. But that's just not the case. On, attendance figures go back 7...
  11. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    No worries about that, there's another identical video board on the other side. :cool2: So the guy that shot that video was sitting under the other board.
  12. Question: Re: Just for fun: pick your favorite player in this class and why

    +1 for Ronnie Clark. I played for Calera 20+ years ago, and yes we were a small school, but we won a lot of games against the bigger teams we played.

    From everything I've read Clark is as much a...
  13. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    I'm not sure what his offensive philosophy is, but from the info I just looked up about him I'm surprised we haven't heard his name connected to the vacancy. He has been on staffs of Saban, Fisher,...
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    Re: Roc Thomas to Auburn

    I'm a casual recruiting follower, but the article about Roc's rant at the "fan" got me interested the site. That site allows people to ask you questions anonymously that you can then answer,...
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    Re: S Ronnie Clark Updates

    Well I graduated from Calera many years ago and I'm really pulling for RC to play for Bama. For a small town (at least it was 20 years ago) it would be a shame for the biggest prospect I can...
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