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  1. Re: CNN Video - 2009 - Radical Islam in America - Call for Attacks on America

    They in jail now.

    On June 22, 2012,...
  2. Re: Video: Lane Kiffin not happy with A’Shawn Robinson’s pat on the butt

    Smacked him good he did. LOL
  3. Re: ObamaCare Plans Come on the Market October 1st. Get Ready

    If you bought health insurance through the exchange, you need to go to and update your info. We got a letter from Blue Cross saying we had to do nothing to continue our coverage. ...
  4. Re: The Progressive Arguments for Significantly Reducing U.S. Immigration

    That is a hell of an article 1986. Can't say I disagree with it at all. I think zero population growth is a good goal.

    Turning now to the environmental side, the key issue is really...
  5. Link: Re: Intolerance Masked As Tolerance Is Still Intolerance

    Good read there CA. Tidewater, I'll need an interpreter for you remarks.
  6. Re: John Kerry Declares "Rationale" For Charlie Hebdo Slaughter

    Blue font?

    Brian Nahed is not Iranian: he was not born in Iran, he has never held Iranian citizenship, he has never worked or lived in Iran,...
  7. Re: The Progressive Arguments for Significantly Reducing U.S. Immigration

    I agree 1986. I'll read the link after all the football games.
  8. Re: Blindfolded Muslim Man Hugs Mourners in Paris

    Dis u Bodhi?
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    Re: How does one define domestic terrorism?

    I agree with you Cajun. Most people are more worried about foreign terrorism. But domestic terrorism is twice as deadly in the US.
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    Re: How does one define domestic terrorism?

    To avoid confusion I think we should use the FBI definition.

    Definitions of Terrorism in the U.S. Code18 U.S.C. § 2331...
  11. Re: Wrap that rascal - STD rates soar - it doesn't pay to be gay apparently

    Since we're now talking about sex ed-- we left DBF and gay sex far behind--we should all be encouraged by the steady drop in teen pregnancy rates.
  12. Re: How should an American Christian respond to ISIS?

    Get real 1986! Mother Jones? Next you'll be linking to The Daily Kos! :eek:
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    Re: Alabama @ Dayton Game Thread (Noon central tip)

    Our effort was good. Our shooting was not good. The team self destructed with 20 Tos, many unforced. Dayton is a good team.
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    Re: Former Tide player Nick Jacobs

    Jacobs was a good scorer and rebounder. His defense when he played for Bama was lacking. He would be an asset for us, that's for sure.
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    Link: Re: ISIS' ("DAESH") underlying theology...

    I may be a preterist without even knowing it! Bible as history but not prophecy.
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