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  1. Do you think USC can pass BAMA in the Recrutiing Rankings?

    It looks like USC is just about a lock to get 3 more very highly-ranked recruits (including Iman Marshall who is ranked in the top 5), and USC only has 20 commits, so far....while Bama has 27.

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    Re: LSU suffers major blow to D-Line

    DT youngster, Mickey Johnson, was one of the Top Defensive Tackles in the country right out of high school......LSU might still be in decent shape on the DL.
  3. Re: Rich Rod comments on Nick Saban's opinion of HUNH offenses

    Bama has scored more points per game than Arizona every year for the last five years........and how many of Bama's games were blowouts, so they played the second and third string in the second half...
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    Has Montel McBride Enrolled Yet?

    Has Montel McBride enrolled yet? Or does anyone know his status?
    It sounds like Bo Scarbrough might be on his way to enrolling soon.
  5. News Article: Re: Tracking Alabama's weight gains, losses after summer full of workouts

    This article is too funny. First of all, no weight lost or gained much more than 5%....big deal, right.

    Second, the players that gained weight, which is the bulk of them (ironically!), will...
  6. Re: OLB Keaton Anderson Updates

    Do you think he will move to Safety? He looks awfully small of a LB.

    Either way, glad to have him on the team.
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    Re: Terrence Jones, OL- Troy, squats 810 lbs

    That's so much weight, did you see how much the bar was bending?

    I wonder how much weight you can put on the bar until it breaks.
  8. Re: Two SEC Teams In A Four Team Playoff..Get Used It College Football

    It needs to go to 8 teams, this "testing the waters" thing with 4 teams is ridicules. 100% political.

    The real question should be 8 or 16 teams, such as in D1 Subdivision Championships. The 9 +...
  9. Is it just me, or has news out of Spring Camp been Exceptionally sparse?

    I've been following Bama Spring Ball for years, has this not been the most quiet in terms of updates on how the positional battles are going, or am I imagining it?

  10. Re: Presumptive depth chart based on the roster...

    Ahhh, what happened to Lindsay?
  11. Re: Believe it or not Kenyan Drake is going to the NFL next year

    Drake does do an unbelievable job of hitting the hole....but his fumbling is unbelievable, as well. I think it is a mental thing.
  12. Re: Believe it or not Kenyan Drake is going to the. NFL next year

    Honestly tenpenny could be as good or better than drake minus the key fumbles.
  13. Re: Believe it or not Kenyan Drake is going to the. NFL next year

    I agree Yeldon does dance around too much .....hopefully Henry , jones , drake, tenpenny, Scarborough , and the others push him to be better.
  14. Believe it or not Kenyan Drake is going to the NFL next year

    I just watched most of the games last year, and believe it or not Drake will be going to the pros next year. He needs to control his fumbles if he wants to go higher in the draft, but he definitely...
  15. How many career college second-stringers have had good pro careers?

    How many career college second-stringers have gone on to have good pro careers?
    With all the four and five star talent that Bama is stockpiling and the superior coaching of the Crimson Tide staff,...
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