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    Re: Hillary's E-Mail Problem

    You forgot the liberal Dims........oh wait.

  2. Re: Bibi's Speech showed he's everything Obama isn't

    You'd think a country like the USA could produce such a man on a regular basis.

    The difference between Obummer and him is beyond comprehension.
  3. Re: Feminazis want to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

    More PCness out of control.

    What's next, a redo of Mount Rushmore?

  4. Re: Minnie Minoso MLB Hall of Fmer Dies at 92

    He should be in the Hall. He was a complete ballplayer.
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    Re: A "Pen and Phone" Throw Down


    He's been AWFUL period.
  6. Re: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they attacked Iran's nuclear plant

    It's believable considering O'Bummer's anti-Semite stance.
  7. Re: VA Secretary lied about special forces service

    Or just ignored by the MSM.
  8. Re: Jeremiah Wright's daughter sent to prison for embezzlement

    Well, even if she gets any serious time, (which I doubt) O'Bummer will give her a Presidential Pardon on his way out.

  9. Re: Obama appoints a muslim to deal with domestic terrorists

    O'bummer IS the enemy.

  10. Link: Re: Naked Woman In Florida Stops Traffic Near Orlando By Masturbating In Front Of A C

    It happened in one of Orlando's oldest neighborhoods, mostly old folks.

    They'll have something to talk about for awhile.

  11. Re: State dept spokes person says ISIS needs jobs to end radicalism

    It's really scary to think that there's probably millions of folks out there with the same mindset.

    :eek: :mad: :eek:
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    Re: J. Winston's Impressive Physique

    And Billy Kilmer, the Skins seemed to like hefty QB's who liked the good life, but they were nails when it counted.

    I don't see JW having much success in the league, doubt that he'll be prepared...
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    Link: Re: Very detailed national debt clock

    LBJ's Great Society was the genesis of this national embarrassment.

  14. Re: Sometimes, if doesn't pay to .... off a king...

    The Jordanian version of shock and awe.
  15. Link: Re: Mobile Fire-Rescue Captain Loses Job While Making the Love at the Firehouse

    The other units could have been out of house on company inspections, at the training grounds or several other reasons which wouldn't require the attendance of the captain.
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