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  1. Re: Notre Dame Freshman receiver "dating" a 44 year old porn star

    Yeah, well, ya figger she's got a few miles on 'er...
  2. Re: Notre Dame Freshman receiver "dating" a 44 year old porn star

    Deliveryman, you, Sir, just won the internet for the day...
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    Re: Sounds like ut QB Worley won't play...

    Anyone know whether Worley is injured, sick w the flu, or skeered?
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    Re: Not Sure If You Guys Remember Me

    I think you're selling him short.

    I mean, think of his potential starring as Sgt. Carter in the Gomer Pyle remakes...
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    Re: Upset Specials: week 9

    Amen, brother...
  6. Re: Seat Location Question for My First ever visit to T Town

    Thanks brother...

    Re your last point, are you thinking it may be unwise for me to purchase tickets online at this point, and perhaps wait til we're closer to game week, or maybe even wait to see...
  7. Re: Seat Location Question for My First ever visit to T Town

    Hope I'm wrong, but fear it'll be one of the those crazy early games...

    Was about to ask you a bunch of follow-up questions, but then read uaintn's post - further to yours - so I think ya'll...
  8. Seat Location Question for My First ever visit to T Town

    Am flying down for the Western Carolina game w a buddy, and am checking out tickets online.

    Would like to sit at midfield, Bama side, not too high...

    From my one n only ever Bama game - Cap One...
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    Re: I'm looking for a replay of the aTm game

    Hop on over, brother!

    I've got it recorded, for your viewing pleasure on the 60" flat screen...

    Plenty of beer in the fridge...

    No, wait.
  10. Re: According to BOL Officials Warned the Staff of a Penalty if Bama Players Celebrat

    So these would be the same officials who literally run to place the ball when dealing w the likes of Auburn, while ignoring the fact that the offenses aren't set before the ball is snapped.

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    Re: Raglands Interception

    He has been on fire!
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    Re: Watching the recorded TAMU game

    I don't think you're crazy...

    All you have to do is rewind to our road games the last 2 weeks to see that your concerns are legit.

    Here's hoping that, w 2 road games under his belt, Blake - and...
  13. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here


    I show that video up here to people who don't know the first thing about college football.

    Let alone this rivalry...

    And they unfailingly end up laughing their heads off...
  14. Re: Still no Kirby Smart Appreciation Thread yet this year? That's a Shame....

    Great post / thread, Crimson...

    The season thus far has been one which could cause better men than I to age prematurely, yet, overall, our defense has been beyond stout.

    Salty, I believe, is...
  15. Thread: Quote of the week

    by Rush

    Re: Quote of the week

    Yes, once I recovered from the trauma caused by the image which Gary conjured up, I managed to laugh... :biggrin:
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