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  1. Re: Micheal Bloomberg on immigration and the economy

    fixed that for you
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    JessN: Re: 2014 Previews: Projected SEC standings and top 25

    add me to the UGA Doubters

    they constantly fall short with far more than they have on paper than they have this year. Why would anyone think that they'd finally over-achieve?

    Their Defense...
  3. Link: Re: Search warrant for millionaire's home reveals disturbing details into investigati

    don't read the attached documents, I wish I hadn't
  4. Re: Titans (former LSU) QB Mettenberger punched by Bama fan

    I'd hit him on behalf of that poor waitress he molested in Valdosta, not for what he did at LSU
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    I have sold all of them but Dell in my career, right now it's other
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    I wish I still sold Storage to Fed, they seem to need a whole lot of hard drives, back-up solutions and DR implementations.
  7. Re: NJ Teacher Faces Prison Time For Child Endangerment

    yes, this was so accepted that he is not only not facing prison time he is actually going to get an award or a presidential commendation or something. Right? Right?
  8. Re: Microsoft slashing 18K jobs or 14% of workforce

    I was in the same position not too long ago and will be again some day. It is the way of the world now. I am always happy to help as I know I'll be asking sooner or later for help myself
  9. Re: Microsoft slashing 18K jobs or 14% of workforce


    I have a lot of friends there. I expect i'll be seeing resume's shortly
  10. Re: Scientific study on why conservatives are conservative.

    it doesn't really matter who wrote it the word Scientist itself will make most conservatives turn away.

    Interestingly enough you can experience the same phenomena with Mother Jones readers and...
  11. Re: Mysterious 260-foot Crater Discovered In Remote Region Of Siberia

    considering that the ground in northern siberia is filled with Methane pockets, which are stable when frozen but much less so when warmed these scientists may not be far off
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    so does slavery, what's your point?

    earlier in the thread someone claimed that we were "redefining" an ill-informed and ultimately wrong definition of marriage. Seebell and I both offered claims...
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    My apologies, Christian perspective was an unfair assumption on my part

    I would point out though the definition of marriage has evolved over the years and varies wildly from culture to culture.
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    (and I find it abhorantly disgusting)
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    Sorry, "redefining" you mean like the Churches have over the last 2000 Years right? You are aware of course that Marriage existed before Christianity aren't you?

    as far as the same sex debate...
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