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    Re: Opinions Please : Rx Sunglasses

    My Doc offers Rx Costas.
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    Link: Re: ISIS' ("DAESH") underlying theology...

    It is free travel to "evangelize" other it would be counter productive.
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    Re: Need Help!!! Washing Machine

    The wife has a whirlpool Cabrio and she loves it.
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    Re: Laptop Suggestions For A HS Student

    The absence of a CD/Rom is in vogue right now because it helps with weight and thickness. You don't need one as long as you can get to the internet. Although it can be pricey if you go with a solid...
  5. Re: Black Mizzou players say they'll strike until president Tim Wolfe resigns

    I guess congress is going to need to make the Sticks and Stones rhyme into law....

    I've been called about everything I can think of in my lifetime and as a child my parents made it clear they...
  6. Re: Video of LSU Fan Leaving Tuscaloosa After the Loss

    Poor Guy
  7. Thread: GOP Debate

    by bama_wayne1

    Re: GOP Debate

    I guess I'm being picky but it just bothers me when they talk about budgeting and start talking about how they will pay for tax cuts. I would really love to hear a candidate talk about being a good...
  8. Re: Another day another story of Ben Carson's weird beliefs. The pyramids as Grain S

    I think the reason Carson is doing well is that he seems humble yet resolute. Not saying I agree or would vote for him, but I do believe the electorate is fed up with politicians... I am in that...
  9. Re: Woman strips naked and pours ketchup on herself (FL of course)

    Ketchup on a fish taco???
  10. News Article: Re: 'Teacher of the Year' quits when told she's unqualified

    My wife is getting ready to hang It up after 32 years. Not because she's tire of teaching but rather because she feels as if she is being prevented from teaching. She has k-3 and get her masters...
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    Re: Warnings at the top of Tidefans

    I've had them for a few days.
  12. Re: Baylor QB Seth Russell to have season ending surgery

    I wish him well. He was doing a great job at QB.
  13. Link: Re: Jake Coker - "I don't believe in slidin'." :)

    Well played Mr. Coker.
  14. Link: Re: Illinois, democratic state, awards lotto winner with IOU, not check

    Apparently there is a HUGE need for Math teachers in Illinois! When you are the house and can't make the lottery pay you have real issues!
  15. Religioin: Re: Gunman Kill American Missionary in Haiti

    Sad news...I know the Lord will care for her family. I am praying for her ministry to continue.
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