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  1. Re: Alexander Hamilton is getting kicked off the $10

    Grover Cleveland is actually my favorite post-Civil War Democratic president. Calvin Coolidge is my favorite GOP POTUS.
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    Re: Roundup Chemical causes cancer

    Dang. And it worked almost as well as jet fuel, too.
  3. Link: Re: 25 things we did as kids that would get someone arrested today

    - John Prine, Great Days anthology, 1993
  4. Re: why have laws with no penalty for not following?

    Thought this would be a thread on the HUNH and clock management.
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    Link: Re: Death of a candidate...

    Is that satire or sincere extremism? [emoji6]
  6. Link: Re: Comparing Secretariat to Pharoah in WSJ video

    If Smokin' Joe knew that you just compared him to a gelding...:)
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    Re: TSA Failure Rate -- ***95%***

    👍 Like!
  8. Re: Why the last of the JFK files could embarrass the CIA

    Oddly, I believe that taking this same tack (everything's under control, etc.) during the McVeigh trial caused more conspiracy theories than it prevented. There's something about being told, "don't...
  9. Re: Article on Bathroom problems in Baton Rouge

    Surgery doesn't change a person's chromosomes, either, just the outward appearance. Genetically, a person is what they were born until they die.
  10. Re: Kid gets accepted to all 8 Ivy League Schools, chooses Bama

    I didn't read anything in there about his measurables. What position is he competing for? Does he really think he has a shot as a walk-on? Doesn't he know this is a football school?
  11. Re: Article on Bathroom problems in Baton Rouge

    We certainly believe in delusions, don't we?

    A (somewhat) related question:

    The Coushatta tribe owns a casino in my area and distributes some portion of the profits to those persons who have...
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    Re: Looming Pension Crisis

    I have a small one from a previous employer. I anticipate about a 50% chance that before retirement I may need to cash it early to salvage something, given the current and projected economic...
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    Re: John Bolton will not run for president

    I haven't decided on my potential run yet. I'm still awaiting confirmation from my VP pick in Gurley.
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    Re: Another Asset Seizure

    Nixon's War on Drugs was the first step on the asset forfeiture road, but the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 was the most significant milestone along the pathway. It was somewhat bipartisan...
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    Re: Are you smarter than an 8th grader?

    Those weren't tough questions. And which door would the other guy tell me to go through to live? (Take the opposite)
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