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    Re: BayouTider Cookbook is Ready to Order

    Received two yesterday! They look great.

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    Re: BayouTider Cookbook is Ready to Order

    Got 'em today, thank you!

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    Re: BayouTider Cookbook is Ready to Order

    Mine came in just a little while ago. I've glanced over some of the recipes and have one thing to say.
    Wow. I'm gonna have some fun with this!
    Thank You, TideFans!
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    Re: BayouTider Cookbook is Ready to Order

    Got mine in about a week ago and have already marked several that I myself are going to try to prepare. They also got easy by them so maybe even I can fix them.

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    Re: BayouTider Cookbook is Ready to Order

    Just to let everyone know, the prices will go up after Christmas. Go ahead and order now (see links in first post). These make GREAT stocking stuffers!


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    Re: BayouTider Cookbook is Ready to Order

    I forgot to post, I got my copy just in time for Christmas.
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    Re: BayouTider Cookbook Coming Soon!

    I forgot all about this cookbook. Just ordered one.
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