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    Big A My personal appeal to all fans .. especially students!

    My hubby and I will be screaming from our 18 year seats in section JJ ...
    PLEASE FILL UP THE UPPER DECK this Saturday! I agree the students should not be in the upper deck, but right now it is what it is!!! Fill it up and get that upper deck rockin'!!!
    I will be doing my part to keep the sceamin' going in our section!

    This team deserves and needs our support! We are on the verge of something amazing and special!!

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    Re: My personal appeal to all fans .. especially students!

    I said the same thing yesterday, and Ole Man Dan was the only one who took notice. We need to put LSU behind us and get ready for A&M. This game is huge and we need to help this team Saturday by being loud. I agree that we are on the verge of something special. Roll Tide!!!

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    Re: My personal appeal to all fans .. especially students!

    I'll be in SS. Not ideal, but couldn't be more stoked. I've taken a vow to be obnoxiously loud (while maintaining my ladylike composure, of course . Hopefully you'll hear us in JJ



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