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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    Time to re-evaluate and set revised goals.

    1. Beat W. Carolina badly, play 2's and 3's in 2nd half and get no one hurt

    2. Beat the Barn inrcredibly bad and send the Chiznik and staff out with the worse loss ever to Bama. Finish reg season 11-1.

    3. Hope 2 of 3 undefeated teams left lose and it is possible.

    4. Beat GA in SEC championship game, win our 23rd SEC championship and be 12-1.

    5. Hopefully get in BCS game, if not, beat somebody down in bowl game and finish season 13-1. Send SR class out with 49 wins-most in school history.

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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    Quote Originally Posted by DzynKingRTR View Post
    I blame my boss. He made me work yesterday and it disrupted my normal routine. The Tide lost because I didn't bike Saturday morning. Only once lat year did I not bike the morning before a game (guess which one.) It won't happen again.
    Blame me! I didn't go through the normal game rituals and I didn't wear the right Crimson Tide shirt.

    Blame me and NOT the players or coaches! If you can't take the heat, then get outta the kitchen. I'm still crying in my Root Beer!

    This one is going to take a while to get over. When you are ranked #1 all season you have a HUGE Target on your back. It's hard physically, mentally, and emotionally for our players to maintain the necessary motivation with that Target week after week after week. I always like to be #1 at the end, not at the beginning and week after week after week.
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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica4Bama View Post
    I have this calm feeling like I did last year after the LSU game. I'm disappointed sure, but not as upset as I would be if we had lost to LSU last week.

    Exactly, if we lost last week, we would not be going to the SECCG. So even though I hate to lose, I am glad it was this week and not last week.

    I am calm myself, it is hard to lose of course. Only twice in two seasons, but we are better off this year than last year. It was a freak thing that happened for us to get into the big game, we have more of a chance this year. If not, we have a ton to play for.

    Thanks B1GTide for always supporting us!
    Roll Tide

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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    there is the same love there that i had back in august RTR!!!

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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    Quote Originally Posted by Al A Bama View Post
    Blame me! I didn't go through the normal game rituals and I didn't wear the right Crimson Tide shirt.
    You brought up something I have often wondered about. Many coaches are superstitious, serious or not. Even Coach Saban has something that his daughter gives him the day before the game. If I was a HC I would put my foot down about wearing any promotional uniform like SC did earlier when they were whipped by LSU. In additiona to superstition. Could it effect the quarterbacks release to non primary receivers by a split second? Or have some subconscious effect? I believe it does.

    It should either be both teams or none.

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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    Its like that Beer commericalm its only weird if it dosn't work...
    Live your life like you wish you had.

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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    Alabama has had a great chance to win the two lost from the past two seasons. Really not much to complain about.

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    Re: Stay Positive and Supportive

    I just hope we don't end up in the Chick Fila Bowl against NC State or something like that. I at least want a quality opponent in a BCS bowl. At any rate, there most likely won't be an SEC national champion in 2012. As much as I would like for us to get back in it, too much has to happen. We will be SEC champions this year, but probably not headed to Miami. Although, I would love to be wrong.
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