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    Re: Injuries Have Added Up this Year. The Biggest?

    It's funny how we sometimes criticize "coach speak." But sometimes we are guilty of "fan speak." It always happens when fans discuss injuries (like in this thread). Some fan(s) will always pipe up with "but everybody has injuries."

    Injuries can be used as an excuse, but that hasn't been the purpose of this discussion.

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    Re: Injuries Have Added Up this Year. The Biggest?

    Injuries are a factor for every team and I'm sure some of the all-time great squads couldn't have handled one key injury without declining a good bit.

    The biggest injury this year has probably been Jalston Fowler. It really wasn't felt until the TAMU game when I think a second power back could have been a huge factor in that game. Once Lacy got baptized by the TAMU defenders, I don't think he was used for much else than a decoy the rest of the game. Fowler would have been huge in that goal line possession near the end of the game...maybe not even as a runner. His ability as a pass catcher probably made him equally a threat in the short field as a plowing runner and a guy who could sneak into the flat as a fullback for a quick pass. If we were going to pass on that interception, I felt that little bootleg pass we ran either to the tailback or famously to Upchurch was a viable call but our option at fullback were a little slow to feel safe about the call.

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    Re: Injuries Have Added Up this Year. The Biggest?

    Quote Originally Posted by TIDE-HSV View Post
    Fowler's injury hurt our whole offense badly, but AJ's injury is limiting even more what we can attempt on offense. We can hope that he can be rested enough over the next two games to be ready for the post-season. From what I know, what he has going on now should benefit greatly with some rest, unlike the shoulder injury he played with last year. IOW, it shouldn't require immediate post-season surgery...
    Our loss of Fowler definitely changed our ground game this season. This guy is a hoss and I believe it led us to more passing this season. With respect to AJ, I believe he is hurting much more than we are aware (at least the general public) and his accuracy has suffered, along with the team.

    All teams have walking wounded at this point, but AJ's pain is something that has a great impact on us because we have relied so much on passing this season. I hope he spends most of this next game watching from the sidelines and help in his recovery. So, my vote goes to AJ.
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    Re: Injuries Have Added Up this Year. The Biggest?

    Quote Originally Posted by RTR91 View Post
    The injury that is bothering him occurred against Mississippi State - the last weekend in October.
    I was thinking about his knee injury...



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