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    Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. WCU****

    Quote Originally Posted by RammerJammer15 View Post
    Saban might call some fans down to play before this one is over...
    This could be like the Who in a 1973 concert when Keith Moon passed out and some guy named Scot Halpin came out of the audience to do the drumming.

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    Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. WCU****

    Quote Originally Posted by twofbyc View Post
    OK...what is up with Vinnie? He looked like he was trying to kiss that rb (missed tackle). Seems like he's not playing up to his previously established level of intensity. Is he hurt? IIRC, we have seen some of this the last two weeks.
    Any thoughts?
    #3 hasn't looked as good as he did earlier in the year. I'm not sure if he is hurt or not. Maybe some others know if an injury is affecting his play.

    That attempted tackle when he got run over by the RB looked bad.

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    Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. WCU****

    It filled in nicely.

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    Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. WCU****

    uga not looking too great against the option right now. maybe we can install a triple option for the SECCG /
    Hail Mary, Full of Grace, Notre Dame in Second Place, with a made up girlfriend

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    Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. WCU****

    We're going to need to cover receivers much better against UGA than we're doing now.
    “I know what it takes to win. If I can sell them on what it takes to win, then we are not going to lose too many football games.” - Coach Paul Bryant and I can see Coach Nick Saban agreeing completely.

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    Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. WCU****

    Calloway is doing some good tackles on special teams.
    Roll Tide



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