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    Re: 40 Years Ago Notre Dame and Alabama played for it All

    Mhiggy, a day in hell for sure. Sorry you had to go through it.

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    Re: 40 Years Ago Notre Dame and Alabama played for it All

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtroadlizard View Post
    I was 19 and a newlywed living in a small house . When we lost , I threw one of our two bar stools against the wall and it busted to pieces . We ate at the counter as we had no table , so I had to eat standing up for several weeks until we could afford to buy another stool . rtr...
    Have to admit to doing something much a buddy's house. He was not amused.

    "Hey,'s just a football game, man."

    Hillbilly, from Missour-ah. Never went to college. No, he didn't get it.

    Also messed up my wrist, pretty good, when I put it through the arm of the chair. Chair flipped over, tore up, and I was looking up at the ceiling.

    Youth is wasted on the young.
    "That smell, you know, that raw peanut oil smell.....
    I love the smell of corn dogs in the evening.
    It smells like.................victory!"

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    Re: 40 Years Ago Notre Dame and Alabama played for it All

    Of course, I believe UGA also played Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl for their only national title in 1981 or 82. If Notre Dame beats USC, they will get a grudge match for the title no matter who wins between UGA and us. That is, of course, assuming both UGA and Bama win their rivalry games this weekend. I hope we crush Auburn and leave no doubt before rolling into the Georgia Dome.



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