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    Re: Mike Price retires

    only 5 active fbs coaches have more wins than price. gl to him in his retirement

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    Re: Mike Price retires

    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson1967 View Post

    I have my doubts as to whether retiring was 100% his idea, but I do rememebr reading his contract was up at the end of this season. Anyway, felt it was worth noting. Bill Curry "retired" at Georgia State as well this year.
    In the alternate universe where he doesn't pass out at Sammy's. I wonder how he would have fared? Would we have Saban as coach today?
    We will never know how Coach Price would have fared at Alabama.
    I guess you could say 'It was his Destiny'... (I had to say that)

    My only question would be, will Mike gets his retirement pay in $1.00 bills?
    (Sorry for the parting shot)
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    Re: Mike Price retires

    I don't think we would have gotten Saban had Price behaved himself that night down in Pensacola. I think that Price would have slipped in just enough wins over the barn, tennessee, and lsu (combined) to hang around a little longer than Shula, thus throwing the timeline off. I never had a good feeling about that loony tune. There are three Alabama head coaching hires that gave me a bad feeling. Bill Curry, Mike Dubose, and Mike Price. I didn't feel great about Shula either, but I knew at that point that we really had no other choice, plus I knew that he was a short term solution just to get us through probation anyway. But, the Price hire was just strange from day one. Bottom line, while it was not the least bit fun when it was happening, looking back, I'm glad he went on a drinking binge in an adult entertainment establishment and managed to botch it all up for himself.
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