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    Re: "Muschamp would take Bama's spot in SEC title game"

    Quote Originally Posted by irNate View Post
    I think that means that if the rankings looked like this:

    1. Alabama
    2. Florida
    3. LSU
    4. T&M
    5. UGA
    6. Arkansas
    7. Miss St
    8. Ole Miss
    9. Tenesee
    10. Oregon

    Then only the SEC Champ would make it into the play off so you'd have #1 vs #10-13 more than likely

    at least thats my take on it ( and yes I did it like that to prove a point)
    I think only 2 of those teams get in. that is why a 4 team playoff will not work. this is off topic,BTW
    to 16 and beyond........

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    Re: "Muschamp would take Bama's spot in SEC title game"

    The more I look at the articles from the last month, I realize I had the playoff format wrong. I was thinking about the bowl selection, not the team selection.
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    Re: "Muschamp would take Bama's spot in SEC title game"

    Quote Originally Posted by crimsonaudio View Post
    No, suggesting that you would get the nod over, say, Boise State with their perennial cupcake scheduling. A one-loss SEC team should always get the nod over a undefeated cupcake team.
    Thanks - I misunderstood your comment, Audio...sorry my mistake!

    Strength of schedule should always be included as determining criteria along with W-L records.

    Along those same always bugs me when player (or team) stats are given without consideration of strength of schedule. An ACC QB's stats are not on par with those of an SEC QB, for example. It almost seems like an * should be put next to stats coming from a conference other than the SEC. I hope that doesn't sound too biased!



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