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    Re: Bama Hammer blog: Is a Loss to Georgia The End of an Era?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quicksilver View Post
    Another factor that goes against the grain of an "end of era" thesis connected with a Georgia win today is the Alabama schedule for 2013. With both Auburn and Tennessee in a weakened state, the only teams on our 2013 schedule that look to be at all challenging currently are Virginia Tech, TX A&M, and LSU.
    va tech is not really good right now, not sure what their prospects are for next year.
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    Re: Bama Hammer blog: Is a Loss to Georgia The End of an Era?

    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonProf View Post
    To be perfectly fair, the guys at Roll Bama Roll have suggested similar things.
    That guy is overly dramatic to a fault.

    I don't for a second think this game is the end of an era. It would be the end of our NC chances this year, and that's all. Ends of eras don't really occur by one single loss. They happen when a program's recruiting and player development fall off. Maybe all-star assistants get hired away, or some other team begins to steal away recruits that normally would have gone to your school. I think when Meyer lost Mullen and Charlie Strong (and Tebow) that's when that Florida era ended. It didn't end because we beat the hell out of them in Atlanta.

    As long as we keep Coach Saban, I think this era of Alabama football continues on strongly. When he retires, then of course it's critical that his replacement be the right guy. It'll continue on if that occurs, or slowly erode if it doesn't. JMO.

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    Re: Bama Hammer blog: Is a Loss to Georgia The End of an Era?

    Coach Saban's beats down the doubters yet again and comes out on top.



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