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    Some Background on the Rimington Trophy

    Not being as familiar with the Rimington Trophy as other awards, I did a little research. Winner is announced Thursday, Dec 6.

    The winner of the Rimington Trophy is selected by determining the consensus All-American center pick from four existing All-America teams.

    While more than a dozen All-America teams are selected annually, the Rimington Trophy committee uses these four prestigious teams to determine a winner:

    *American Football Coaches Association (AFCA)
    *Walter Camp Foundation (WCF)
    *Sporting News (SN)
    *Football Writers Association of America (FWAA)

    Also, they recognize the winner during pre-game at the BCS Championship CNS should go ahead and plan on Barrett being distracted a bit during normal pre-game warmups!!
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    Re: Some Background on the Rimington Trophy

    Well, Barrett has to be named an AA by the other three because AFCA did not vote him one.
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