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    Re: SEC Scheduling (LSU Conspiracy Theories)

    Quote Originally Posted by 257WBY View Post
    SEC needs to go to a 9 game conference schedule. Alabama didn't play UF,USC, or UGA in the regular season. UGA didn't play Alabama or LSU. Is it any wonder they both were in the title game? To be fair, they did meet each other before it was over. Most years, Alabama gets the bad deal on the schedule.
    The resolution is clearly to try and make the schedule as tough as possible!

    Does it occur to you that Alabama might be in the national championship game because they didn't have to play those three teams in the regular season? Their regular season schedule was plenty hard.

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    Re: SEC Scheduling (LSU Conspiracy Theories)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alajambama View Post
    LSU has not played a game the week before playing Alabama in my lifetime. They need to shut up about scheduling.

    True if you were born after 11/7/2009. LSU played Tulane the week before Bama in 2009 and 2008. Of course those were open dates and they could have taken the week off if they had so chosen. Just as in 2005 with Appy State. Not so in 2006 when the SEC scheduled them to play ut the week before Bama. And UK in 2002. And Ole Miss in 2001, 1999, and 1998. And UK in 1997. And Ole Miss in 1994, 1993, and 1992.

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    Re: SEC Scheduling (LSU Conspiracy Theories)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
    I think Alabama suffered from the scheduling monster for several years where it added up across consecutive seasons where Alabama played like 14-15 SEC teams coming off their byes. At one point Alabama played 6 consecutive SEC teams coming off their bye.

    I wouldn't bother with too many LSU internet fans. It is quite funny how they commonly call us "arrogant" yet I have found they are about as arrogant as they come. They love the "we play down to our competition" phrase. How convenient. Trust me, it's not that any team is better than LSU. NOOOO!!!! That is impossible. They just "play down to their competition". Anytime they win it's because they are so great. But anytime Bama wins (against any team) go look at their boards. Excuse, after excuse after excuse of how "lucky" Bama was and "they're not really that good" etc. It kills them to say Alabama is good. That is why they come up with all this conspiracy theory mess. Yet I can't tell you how many games I've watched (against other teams besides Bama) where they benefited from non calls or calls that shouldn't have been called on the other team that helped them.
    They've handled success the wrong way. Obnoxious is being kind.
    You hit the nail on the head.
    The same can be said of Georgia.
    I loved the Mark Richt comment after the SEC Championship Game,
    something implying that they didn't really loose, just run out of time.
    (The scoreboard begged to differ)
    (Arrogant Whiner)



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