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    UT job on craiglist in knoxville

    First post here. I thought this was funny. Local radio guy here talking about it. here is the link.

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    Re: UT job on craiglist in knoxville

    I just applied...but only so I could turn them down too.

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    Re: UT job on craiglist in knoxville

    I literally just had an unfamiliar number call my phone and suspected... Nah... couldn't have been. Could it?

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    Re: UT job on craiglist in knoxville

    I'm hearing that that Gus Malzahn's wife has applied.

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    Re: UT job on craiglist in knoxville

    Quote Originally Posted by THROWITDEEP View Post
    Wonder if Dave Hart wishes he was back at Alabama? He has inherited a mess there at UT.
    Indeed so.
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