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    Sec title game highlight video **hd**

    Finally made the highlight video. Watch in hd and ROLL TIDE!!

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    Re: Sec title game highlight video **hd**

    Thanks 22! That was a joy reliving those images. Great job!
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    Re: Sec title game highlight video **hd**

    Nice post thank you!

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    Big A Re: Sec title game highlight video **hd**

    Thanks...very good quality.
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    Re: Sec title game highlight video **hd**

    Great video. I watched highlights over and over again and I still get chills on the Cooper catch.
    Roll Tide

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    Sec title game highlight video **hd**

    Nice. That last play is still amazing. We had the perfect defense set up. If you look at the side he was throwing to, every WR was blanketed.

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    Re: Sec title game highlight video **hd**

    I appreciate the efforts you put into this, but as you plainly state on the youtube page - you 'do not own the rights to this video.'

    We cannot allow folks to openly violate copyright law on
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