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    Re: Bama 6th ranked in all of football as best place to coach.

    Quote Originally Posted by DiamondDust View Post
    How is Houston not a desirable job?
    Having lived there, I would say being in Houston is reason enough.
    "He's crazy, Doc. He won't fly with me. I take good care of him, but he won't. He's crazy, alright."
    "There, that's proof, isn't it?. They all say I'm crazy."
    "They're crazy."
    "Then why don't you ground them?"
    "Why don't they ask?"
    "Because they're crazy, that's why."
    "Of course they're crazy. I just told you that. You can't let crazy people decide if you are crazy or not, can you?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamaro View Post
    The last time I was in (Bryant)Denny was before there was any upper deck...
    Oh my! 1986 or before? Was it when you were in school? I need to get you a ticket.



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