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    Big A Re: Alabama Fans Thoughts on Possibility of OU to the SEC

    Quote Originally Posted by RollTideMang View Post
    I wouldn't want them in the SEC personally. The West is already tough enough as it is with Bama, LSU, Arky (most years), Auburn (most years), and aTm with Ole Miss and MSU on the rise. Throw that schedule in with getting paired up with UT, UF, UGA, or USCe from the East, and your team is on murderer's row without worrying about an OU team to boot.
    I agree with you, Plus OU had their chance and didn't take it. But if the SEC is after more money, then Virginia schools, or NC schools are much larger markets.

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    Re: Alabama Fans Thoughts on Possibility of OU to the SEC

    It is headed to 16 team conferences whether we like it or not (I was for staying at 12). My picks would be UNC and UVA, but IMO both of those schools will hang with some version of a new ACC or jump to the Big 10. As davefrat said, they would join the Ivy League before considering the SEC. With all of the potential movement and realignment there may wind up being 5 conferences wih 16 teams rather than 4.
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    Re: Alabama Fans Thoughts on Possibility of OU to the SEC

    Quote Originally Posted by GrayTide View Post
    My picks would be UNC and UVA, but IMO both of those schools will hang with some version of a new ACC or jump to the Big 10.
    I think it's all about how the SEC maximizes their leverage. I could get into the why's, but I said before the two teams that the SEC should budge for (odd number additions) would be North Carolina or Notre Dame. I think Virginia would be a fantastic even number addition, and there's a few teams out there that would meet that criteria as well.

    Remember, it wasn't that long ago that it was considered a virtual impossiblity that the SEC to land Texas A&M and Missouri. I was saying it was possible around a year before it happened and I still believe the SEC screwed that up by flirting with Oklahoma, but there were a lot of doubters. The mentality was that Missouri wanted in the Big 10, and that Texas A&M couldn't be separated from Texas. We also saw Nebraska break from Oklahoma (although Texas spoiled that relationship a while ago), a founding member of the ACC leave, Notre Dame sign a deal with the ACC, and various near misses such as Texas to the Pac-12, FSU to the Big 12, etc...

    I really don't feel like anything is off the table, it's just a matter of approach. If the SEC talks to Notre Dame (as an equal partner) and North Carolina and makes it clear that these are the two programs they want, this puts the Big 10 in an interesting situation. They can't have them all, and I don't think anyone has really figured out how to make more than 16 work as of yet. So, the Big 10 has not only North Carolina to look at, but Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Clemson, etc... So, unless the Big 10 hits the home run and gets North Carolina and Notre Dame (unlikely in my mind since it strands North Carolina geographically and in terms of regional rivals) there will be a good addition left.

    The question that might end up being the most interesting is how the Big 12 and ACC handle each other. The Big 12 is the conference best suited to give Notre Dame preferential treatment, if the ACC does indeed get raided. If Notre Dame wants to join a conference completely, they and FSU could join the Big 12.

    I just hope the SEC can stall. The longer they can stall, the better their leverage. And, even if Notre Dame goes to the Big 12 and North Carolina goes to the Big 10, the SEC doesn't have to expand at all. I think North Carolina to the SEC is a greater possibility than a lot of people think though, they could be really stranded geographically in the Big 10.



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