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    Re: Johnny Manziel Sits Courtside for a Dallas Mavericks Game

    stupid comments by kerr but, let's face it, this is why heisman winners usually lose their bowl games...way too many december distractions

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    Re: Idiot Steve Kerr attacks Johnny Manziel over court-side seats - Dallas Mavericks

    Quote Originally Posted by JIB View Post
    I like Kerr but that was dumb. Those tickets aren't that expensive.
    They aren't cheap...the seats in the lower parts of the sections directly behind the VIP courside seats are from 500-just under $1k per ticket. I couldn't find pricing on the VIP seats but as folks have stated his family is in oil/gas so they can afford it. Kerr was just being an idiot and as further proof he was being an idiot is the backpedaling he did on twitter.

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    Re: Idiot Steve Kerr attacks Johnny Manziel over court-side seats - Dallas Mavericks

    Not fond of the comments about JFF but I think I find more offense with the SEC statement. It goes to show you just how vast and wide the jealousy for the SEC football has spread. First they attacked our ethics, then our academics, our coaches salarlies and now our assistant coache salarlies...any and every excuse in the book. Can't wait to hear the next wave of hate that circulates after Bama and the rest of the SEC handle business during the Bowl season. All I have to say is the haters are lucky that the limitation of two teams from a single conference in the BCS Bowls because a few conferences would have been shutout.



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