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    What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Since the beginning of man, humans have been making up excuses to cover up for feelings of embarrassment, shame, sadness and most of all pride. Many are untruthful statements while others are just a collection of unrelated and useless facts that have absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. An excuse is only a temporary Band-Aid for the heart. It’s simply nothing but a poor attempt to save face and hide the truth. We all have used them in our lives, some of us use much more frequently and even convince ourselves they are in fact reality.
    When it comes to College Football you don’t have to look long and hard to find excuses. Whether it’s players, coaches, fans or even the so called “Experts”, excuses are abundant throughout the course of a season. As with most cases in life the more important events tend to have more excuses surrounding them. Over the last few years of the SEC dominance, specifically Alabama’s dominance, excuses have exponentially grown in numbers to try and belittle the accomplishments of one of the all time greatest coaches and programs the game has ever had.
    There are millions of examples that we all could sit here and list out and never run out of material. Here are a few that I wanted to point out and shoot down as pure drivel.

    - BAMA keeps backing into Titles and the only reason the SEC keeps winning “MNC” is because the media/ NCAA is in their pocket. WOW, this one has several excuses packed into one statement. Really??? If, Bama was not worthy why would they be 3-0 in championship games against the BIG 12 Champion, SEC Champion and “Gods” team ND? Why are they putting more players into the NFL? Why do most highly rated recruits want to play at BAMA? Have you ever thought, maybe because they are better than everyone else? Sometimes the answer is very simple! Some on the site may even disagree, but there is no such thing as “MNC”. We have a system in place that all schools understand how it works and the recognized Champion is the winner of the BCS Championship Game. Very simple. Using “MNC” only makes some fans feel better about their team not making the game or bringing a championship home. Some even use it because they don’t agree with the system. Who cares, that’s not the point, it “IS” the system in place and what determines our champions. Either get over it or learn how to be successful in it! The SEC has the media in their pocket. The SEC has played in 7 straight BCS title games, 6 times against other major conferences and they have won every time. Either stop crying or beat them!

    - SABAN wins because he “oversigns” and does not have same entry standards. If you play any game, its always good to know the rules of the game to win more consistently. If you want a winning debate team and a losing football team keep doing what you are doing!

    -ND lost because of the long layoff. Interesting no one said this was an issue before the game when all the ND homers and BAMA haters were saying ND would win.

    -ND did not show up for the game. Sure they did! I saw them get off the bus and walk through the tunnel out onto the field. Why in the world would you not show up for the biggest game of your life? No one announce that ND did not show up prior to the game and I saw them kick off to us! There was however a wet spot in the tunnel where they were standing as the Tide players entered the stadium!

    -Manti Teo had his worst game of his life. Ok, maybe he did, but Ray Lewis in his prime would not have keep ND from losing!

    -BAMA was the best team on “Monday” night. No, Bama was the best team regardless of what night the game was played on. They had the best players and the best coaches. This was a total mis-match and ND would not win if they played 100 times!

    -BAMA’s Offense is not good, they just play good defense. Ok, let me get this straight. Bama’s last 4 post season games were against teams that had 0, 1, 0 and 0 loses. At the time, two #1 defenses in the country and another top #10 defense in the country. Bama’s weak offense beat the best defensive teams in college football by 16, 42, 21 and 28 points. Bama put up 149 points and gave up 42 in those 4 games.

    I think by now you see where this is going. People make excuses when they can’t live up to their own expectations and pride gets in the way of the truth!

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Nice little read, but you just killed my eyes with that tiny font.
    "We have an opponent in this state that we work every day, 365 days a year, to dominate."

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Fixed it for others!

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Thanks, buddy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bamapepper73 View Post
    Fixed it for others!
    "We have an opponent in this state that we work every day, 365 days a year, to dominate."

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Oversigning - by far. Every bama hater knows the word and uses it reflexively, but none of them even know what the term means.

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Well, the national media hasn't made any excuses... I listened to several hours worth of ESPN broadcast, and of the dozen media members I heard they all said basically the same thing. Alabama was dominant because:

    They have better players (true)
    They played a tougher schedule to get there (true)
    They know how to use the lay off to build and not get rusty (true)
    They are coached by arguably the best coach of our time, and possibly all time (true)
    That we were plain better (true)

    Only people I hear say things like above are typically jealous Barners...

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Last night I located the "In-Game" thread on volnation and read through it. They have two more excuses to add to your list:

    - Steroids - Bama's players are clearly "juiced." Their evidence: Bama's players heads are big. You can get bigger by lifting weights, but your head doesn't get bigger. That fact that Bama players have large heads (?) means that they are taking steroids. There are pictures in that thread to "prove" it.

    - Fixing games - After the early Eifert no-catch (which, by the way, I thought ND could have challenged and perhaps won) and the punt interference call, the popular sentiment in the thread was "The fix in in." I guess they think the officials, the NCAA, or whoever is "helping" Alabama to win games.

    People can be so delusional. Maybe Saban just has a process and has recruited quality players that buy into said process.

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    The REC payed off Notre Dame

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    What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    They just refuse to give us our due!

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    You guys need to relax and enjoy this.

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    Steroids is the big one on tigerdroppings. I'm enjoying it though and their tears are delicious.

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    I think we should just enjoy this one and forget about everyone else. They are to far behind our program for us to care anyway.
    "We have an opponent in this state that we work every day, 365 days a year, to dominate."

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    Re: What's the next "Excuse" for Bama Dominance?

    At the risk of inviting hate - a number of our own fans have given the excuse we lost to Utah because we didn't want to be there. So what? Utah had no business beating us. The positive is that we learned from it.

    And how many folks here insist Auburn's 2010 title was tainted because Newton was paid? I firmly believe he was - but the money didn't make any plays, did it? Auburn paid Eric Ramsey and got nothing for it.

    All I'm saying is excuse-making is not something from which many Tide fans themselves are exempt. Consider the 2011 LSU game as a case study. We lost because of a bad ref call on the interception, we lost because the punted ball hit the camera wire, on and on. But the camera wire and ref didn't miss four FGs or fail to score a TD, did it? We made goofs and penalties - didn't play our best game. Doesn't matter.

    That's all I'm saying.
    I'll always look back as I walk away
    This memory will last for eternity
    And all of our tears will be lost in the rain
    Til I find my way back to your arms again
    But until that day you know you are
    The queen of my heart



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