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    Re: *** Reuben Foster Signs with Alabama (LOI Officially Received)

    That must have happened in a very "boring" class at Auburn High. The teacher needs to effectively motivate him to do his best, like everyone else.

    If I had been the teacher in that class, I would be standing adjacent to him as I disseminated knowledge to all students, esp. him. I may have even twisted an ear (oh, I know you can't touch kids now like you could when I was in high school in the Medieval Period) or said sweet nothings into his ear or called on him to explain to the rest of the class what we had been discussing. If he wasn't ready to perform, we'd wait on him as long as Adlai Stevenson was willing to wait on the Russians to get those missiles out of Cuba in the early 1960's and for the young ones that was until "----- freezes over". If he were snoring, I would have been playing drums adjacent to him and he would out weigh me by 100+ pounds. But you gotta do what you gotta do! If he didn't meet my minimum expectations for the class, I'd just tell him that we were both going to be there when he was an old man so that he could eventually pass.

    Some teachers can almost bore you into tears or death.
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    Re: *** Reuben Foster Signs with Alabama (LOI Officially Received)

    So will whoever took the photo get in trouble for using a cell phone in class?

    The most boring class I ever took was high school biology, the teacher was horrible. The only way I got through the day was that lunch was in the middle of the period so I had two 30 minute sessions rather than a full hour to endure. If anyone put their head down on their desk, she'd come around and ask if you were sick.
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    Re: *** Reuben Foster Signs with Alabama (LOI Officially Received)

    I don't know if it's posed but I had teachers in High School that could put a rat terrier on uppers to sleep.
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