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    The landscape of NCAA compliance in an article:

    Shabazz Muhammad's backpack was in question

    Effectively the interest in his designer backpack was racist: "he's a black basketball player in college, he came from the hood and can't possibly afford that designer backpack!" How about when Steve Kerr in an NBA game questioned how Manziel could afford courtside NBA tickets. How could he possibly afford this seat?!

    I guess the new rule for NCAA athletes is dress in burlap sack and not enjoy anything their parent's financial situation affords them. Just think to our team, guys like Greg McElroy and Barrett Jones could afford to dress any way they wanted or do things that other people simply couldn't because their parents were successful. Remember the minor message board interest in how McElroy could afford to take the whole OL to BWWs on his dime back in 2010?

    I know most athletes aren't as well off as these guys but the constant nitpicking of athlete's spending or activities has to least until you get some background on what situation he comes from.

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    Re: The landscape of NCAA compliance in an article:

    It used to be cars, now it's back packs. The NCAA needs to spend its time and resources tracking majors violations and following the money.
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    Re: The landscape of NCAA compliance in an article:

    It's a $900 backpack, owned by a player who has already had eligibility issues. Basketball is far worse than football in the violation department. AAU coaches, high school uniform deals, etc. all happen in regards to basketball. This one seems ok.

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    Re: The landscape of NCAA compliance in an article:

    I just think it's ridiculous for Forde to say, "I'm not saying there's something fishy about Muhammad's designer backpack", when thats exactly what he's doing. You don't think there's something fishy, then why you bother looking up the price and bringing it up in the article?



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