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    BSC National Championship Game in Spanish

    If you want to have some fun, listen to the Spanish announcer for the BCS championship game on your computer. At times the TOUCHDOOOWWWNNN Alabama sounded like a soccer announcer! It is at least a good excuse to watch the game again.

    Here is the link:
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    Re: BSC National Championship Game in Spanish

    Thanks but no thanks, pal. I only listen to 'Merican football in English. 'Merica!
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    Re: BSC National Championship Game in Spanish

    cool. Couldn't see the video but the audio was entertaining.

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    Re: BSC National Championship Game in Spanish

    That was a great game in any language. I would like to see it in German, Russian, Chinese, Farsi, etc. I might find a language that would help keep me from having a heart-attack during the game. However, hearing it in German just might be the thing that gives me a heart-attack. Maybe French would be more soothing, but I would really like to hear it in German.
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    Re: BSC National Championship Game in Spanish

    No habla !



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