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    Most likely Junior College spot?

    What position are we most likely to seek a JC player for in 2015 class?
    Who are the leaders for that spot/s?

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    Re: Most likely Junior College spot?

    Tackles (offensive and defensive) tend to be the real difference makers.

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    Re: Most likely Junior College spot?


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    Re: Most likely Junior College spot?

    Alabama has offered scholarships to the following JUCO players:

    Jovon Robinson (RB committed to Auburn)
    Marquavius Lewis (SDE committed to South Carolina)
    DJ Jones (DT committed to FSU)
    Tony Bridges (CB committed to Auburn)
    Justin Evans (S committed to Texas A&M)

    Of the five, DJ Jones appears to be the only real possibility. He plays at EMCC, so Bama is close enough for him to make more visits to campus if he wants.
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    Re: Most likely Junior College spot?

    As of this moment, I don't see any JUCO prospects that necessarily appear to be in the making for Alabama. There has been some talk by some of a JUCO RB with the injury to Drake, but with Scarbrough coming in that seems unlikely, and Robinson seems to be pretty firm in his commitment to Auburn. There is real interest in DJ Jones, but for now I don't see anything to indicate that he will ultimately be reneging on FSU. And otherwise, well, there is just not any real target out there at the moment whose signature looks likely.



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