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This is not a democracy...

This is not a democracy...

At best, and most importantly, it is a benevolent dictatorship governed by the administration of the site. This manner of management was overwhelmingly preferred by the early adopters, and thus will be instituted as policy. We have attempted below to outline specific guidelines that we will use in the management of this board. We reserve the right, however, to administer this board as best we see fit.

Our policies strictly govern the behavior of the users but are not strict "step-by-step" rules that our moderators and administrators MUST adhere to (i.e the 3strikes policy below). They do, however, give us guidance as to how to handle issues as they arise.

Three strikes...

Three Strikes

As we are all aware, this is a world of shades of gray, not black and white. Minor infractions and inappropriate posts will be subject to a "three strikes and you are out" policy. Inappropriate posts will be locked with a public warning from the moderator, and/or deleted with a private email warning from the moderator. Each such occurence may be deemed a strike. Three or more strikes may result in temporary or permanent banishment from this BBS.

Regardless of the number of strikes you have (0-2), our moderators and administrators may, at any time, for any reason they deem appropriate, give you 3 strikes and remove your posting privileges.

It's easy to stay in the good graces of the moderators if you follow our site policies. Violating the policies subjects to their quick wrath!

What's Inappropriate?

What's Inappropriate

See the directives FAQ for specifics, but:

* Completely inane posts that have nothing to do with the forum subject are inappropriate.

* Posts that are intended to be inflammatory are inappropriate.

* False information which is intentionally misleading and inflammatory is inappropriate.

* Personal attacks even when in response to a hotly debated topic may be, at the discretion of the moderator(s), deemed inappropriate.

* Any attack (public or private) on a moderator is inappropriate.

Should a discussion devolve into a personal argument between one or more parties, all parties involved will be subject to the Three Strike Rule (i.e., who started it won't matter)

Immediate Banishment

Immediate Banishment

Racial or religious slurs will not be tolerated and will be subject to immediate, permanent banishment.

Abusive email to moderators and / or administrators


Abusive email to our moderators & administrators will be considered as major violations of our policies and could result in immediate and permanent banishment. However, we can not and will not do anything about email sparring between members.

If you receive a warning email from a moderator, please take that as a "shot across the bow" and heed the warning. You may not like everything we do and we admit we're not perfect, but we try our best to be consistent and fair. Those who have been members for 5+ years can attest to that fact.

As a sidenote: We do not play favorites. However, our foremost goal is to be fair regardless of the situation, and that may mean different consequences for different folks for similar violations. It's the benefit of the familiarity.

Profanity, Vulgarity, Obscenity

Profanity, Vulgarity, Obscenity

Gross profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity, including personal attacks, will not be tolerated. From a technical standpoint, censorship of this nature is not always viable, but is the standard policy for the board . From a personal standpoint, this board is intended as an open forum for the free exchange of ideas. Any recruits that may be visiting this board, if they are suited to play for our university, certainly posess the maturity to be capable of distinguishing an idea from the language that expresses it. However, moderators and administrators retain the supreme and ultimate authority to remove any post for any reason. * Also...Gratuitous links to, or promotion of, any site containing pornography, obscenity or profanity are prohibited and linking to these sites may result in immediate termination of your posting privileges.

Thread Pruning

Thread Pruning

In order to keep the performance of the BBS optimal, discussion threads may be locked or deleted should the moderator deem the discussion to be concluded, extraordinarily lengthy, and/or outdated based on newer information.

Also, we may occasionally need to prune threads to make the board run more efficiently. If this is done, we will try to create an archive so that no posts are lost.

"Catch-all" Statement

Catch-all Statement

Statements posted on (including those posted by any staff member or moderator) are the views of the person making the statement. They do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of the site owner, moderators, or other members. TideFans thrives on the expression of different views and opinions - just as society as a whole thrives - and will not necessarily remove posts just because we disagree with the sentiments.

Additionally, just because something isn't listed in the site policies as a violation, doesn't mean it doesn't violate a site policy. We reserve the right to modify, moderate and administrate the board as we see fit and remove, lock, or edit any post at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to change any of these policies at any time for any reason without notice to anyone. Basically, if you act like an adult, you will get the respect you want. If you act like a child, you'll be treated as such.

Intelligent, articulate, and appropriate posts should be the goal for all members -- especially and most importantly on the sports boards!

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