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    Really hoping our guys find an answer to the HUNH!

    Play ball control, minimize turnovers, and convert on 3rd down. The offense should improve over the next few weeks which will help our defense, and holding onto the ball will keep them rested. Coach Saban is right when he said our offense causes other teams problems because not many people are...
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    Harry Reid's Connection To The Nevada Ranch Incident

    I have had the honor of seeing the copy of old land deeds signed by no other than an Andrew Jackson! I love history!
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    Does your pediatrician not treat kids whose parents refuse vaccinations?

    I believe in God, and have experienced miracles. I know many people in the Medical fields, and EMS who have had similar experiences. I thank God for all of these trained professionals! ;)
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    Looking at the Defensive Line

    The 2011 defense will forever be the gold standard for me. Big, physical, and fast! Upshaw, and Hightower were beasts!
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    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly vs. UK

    Yeah she is cute! LOL!
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    Link: Rolando McClain Arrested Again In Decatur

    That is exactly what entered my mind when I saw that he had been arrested again. Sad!
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    ESPN: Best of the Saban era

    Coach Saban is going to go ballistic when he sees what ESPN has done! Just because Yeldon was highly successful as a freshman doesn't guarantee future success! YOU GOT TO WORK, AND EARN IT! :)
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    Link: New video of Coach Cochran giving the media a tour of the weight room

    He seemed very humble. I know I would be coaching for one of the most storied programs in College Football, and working for the best College Football Coach in America!
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    Link: Sad News: Warmacking Coming to an End

    Now that is one midriff that I am going to miss this fall! I mean seriously how can you not love a lineman whose last name is Warmack?
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    Deadspin is saying Te'o's girlfriend's death was a hoax created for publicity

    This past summer I toured the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum near Savannah, Georgia. Great museum! I was also fortunate enough a few years ago to see a B-17 in flight that almost passed over my parent's house when it was being (I was later told) flown from Huntsville to Birmingham. I don't...
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    I'm proud AJ got a GF, but the announcers made a fool of themselves talking about her

    She is a pretty young lady, but good grief the southeastern United States is full of beautiful women! I can't stand guys that act like its the first time they have ever seen a woman when a beautiful woman walks into the room.
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    ****Official Post Game Thread - Bama vs. Notre Dame in the BSCCG****

    Back to back! I have lived to see Alabama win 4 National Championships, and I can honestly say tonight may have been the most satisfying. So proud of how this team handled the success off 2011, and how they didn't become complacent. It is so hard to repeat, and they did it!!!! Roll...
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    Link: Is Alabama currently a dynasty?

    I like Coach Saban's 24 hour rule after a win, and that includes winning a National Championship. Stay hungry my friends. :biggrin2:
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    2013 Depth Chart Possibilities

    We need another Courtney Upshaw to step up. The 2011 defense was sick!
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    2013 Depth Chart Possibilities

    Who is going to take Big Jesse's place? I think he has done well holding the point since Josh Chapman moved on.

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