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    2021 BAMA bball Recruiting thread ...

    Transferring to Miss State.
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    From ESPN, a second pro day for Mac...

    Did they forget to mention the supermodel girlfriend or did I miss that?
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    Link: Breaking down the current roster - BAMAInsider

    Langston Wilson is requesting release from NLI. I also wonder if James Rojas could be considered a senior. If he forfeits his redshirt year, this year would have made him a senior and take the free year of eligibility.
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    2021 BAMA bball Recruiting thread ...

    Currently 10 episodes of JD this season All are about 1 hour long but pretty interesting to watch. The same channel has videos of Agiye Hall and Koolaid Mckinstry as well
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    Targeting Call on Ohio States Shaun Wade

    He took three steps with someone on his back. Then tried to turn up field. The forward progress would have already been called before the fumble. I wish I could remember the game I was watching this year when a receiver, tight end I believe, caught a pass at the 1st down line and was driven...
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    Targeting Call on Ohio States Shaun Wade

    Q? On the overturned fumble, at what moment did he "catch" the ball and when would did forward progress stop? I think it was a reasonable for then to overturn the call for this reason. If it was ruled a catch, then forward progress should have taken away the fumble.
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    ***** 2017 WR Jerry Jeudy Commits *****(arrived 1/10)

    You would think OJ would have been able to run a vertical jump ball(not in stride).
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    Game Thread: Alabama vs Oregon 5 PM CT on ESPNU

    Get to the fridge, you better get back, we have a ball game. Ha
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    Ole Miss Dumps 'Dixie' From Football Games

    However, a flag and a song don't make you a racist. It's the way you treat someone. There is a group of people/media that what's to bring up the past and make it about hate. It is this group that is filled with more hate. To assume that of a white with the flag on t-shirt would be a racist...
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    Ole Miss Dumps 'Dixie' From Football Games

    You are comparing a genocide to a flag used in a war that was started over power and money. The countrys economy was based on plantations in the south and industries in the north. The politics were deeply divided between trying to protect their way of life and the slave system. The end of...
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    Ole Miss Dumps 'Dixie' From Football Games

    I know what you mean, just join everybody else that wants to take away the constitutional rights of this country. Its crazy to think someone would let go of the foundation of this country or the death of your ancestors. It's called people need to move on, stop trying to look at the past as...
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    Ole Miss Dumps 'Dixie' From Football Games

    They should let it go. If something happens 150 years ago, why should that flag or Dixie be such a big deal. It definitely doesn't have the same meaning today. If these things bother you, your anger/hate is something you should start to look at. It's the same way the south was oppressed by the...
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    News Article: Barrack shortens terms for 214 prisoners- most in a Century

    The prison system is beyond messed up. A menace to society continues to be menace society due the financial burden on the system. They should have to repay their debt to society. Prison should be more about rehabilitation through work and education. There are plenty of jobs that can be performed...
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    Police officer fired for flying a Confederate flag from her house.

    I was curious of different people's opinion of the confederate battle flag. I wasn't born until the 90s so I don't know much about circumstances of the Civil Rights movement aside from the basic history. I have heard some stories of my families relationship with blacks in the community/that they...
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    GIPSA trying to pass 2010 ruling again

    Re: GIPSA Rule and Jury awards farmers of Pickett vs. Tyson/IBP $1.28 Billion The claimed economic impact of the GIPSA Rule. "American Meat Institute The first impact analysis of the proposed rule that the meat industry released on October 21, 2010, was the Economic Impact of Grain...