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    Cal Marching Band

    here's my high school's show, we've been Div. II tennessee state champs four years in a row hah
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    the kickoff countdown..

    i believe it needs to be updated...=]
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    Bama @ Vandy 9/08

    section U row 16 =]
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    How big will Bama win?

    Re: How big will Bama....... Well, it's good that you are confident. I really don't know what to expect from this game, guess it depends on which teams show up(hopefully ours) But i think it sucks that we have to look at those orange, ugly ... cheerleaders all game
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    Seating Question...

    Are there really in bad seats/sections in Coleman Colliseum? like can you actually see the game from the higher seats? :conf2: :BigA:
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    *Official* Nick Saban is Bama's New Coach (please put all thoughts on decision here)

    Re: Official Nick Saban Decision Thread (please put all thoughts on decision here) "He's bringin' Bama back"....oh and sexy too :biggrin2: :BigA: