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    New NFL kickoff rule approved

    It has been YEARS since I've watched a single pro game. If it is safety they want start wearing Bama's practice helmets.
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    South Carolina hires Mike Shula as offensive analyst

    I still like Mike for what he tried to do for Bama as coach and as for his time as QB. I still have Prothro's "The Catch" and the 2006 schedule hanging on my wall.
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    Video: 1973 Bear Bryant Show #2 Alabama vs #7 LSU

    Really enjoyed watching your posting. I had to move early in 1973 to Brandon, MS from Huntsville, AL so I missed all of the Bear Bryant shows from then on. Coach came near me for a book signing before the 1973 season so I did get to talk with him and got him to sign a book for my son who has...
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    Who are your top 5 Bama QBs all-time?

    Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, Bryce Young, Tua Tagovailoa, Jalen Hurts
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    Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024

    I used to chat some with Eli on Messenger, normally about golf and not football. Hate that we are losing him but retirement really does sound like is a good choice for him to make.
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    Question: Who would be your picks for the three greatest Alabama linebackers ever?

    Looks like many have picked my choices so I'll just say +1 to: Lee Roy Jordan Derrick Thomas Cornelius Bennett
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    According to Mike Griffith Alabama is a second tier football program

    Finebaum and Griffith should start a new show..."Lame Brains United"
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    Poll: Bring Back the White Helmets for Away games?

    I remember when Coach Bryant mixed up the team, some wore red helmets and some white ...BUT...I made up my mind then I didn't like the white helmets.
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    Who is Saban's replacement?

    I don't care who as long as The Goat admits he picked him.
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    JessN: The candidates to replace Nick Saban

    I'd prefer Sark but I hear Lanning. Either one would be great!
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    Pick The Score: Alabama vs Michigan

    Alabama 34 Michigan 31
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    Bama Christmas! What is Santa bringing you?

    Last Christmas my son, who works at UofA got me an original photo of Coach Bryant patting J. Musso #22 on the head after a game. (Johnny was my favorite RB at Alabama). Then he got Johnny to autograph it to me. (Photo was from Birmingham News file after Alabama beat Auburn 31-7 at Legion Field)...
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    When and why did you become a Crimson Tide fan?

    I started at Alabama in 1959 which was Coach Bryant's second season. I was an Auburn fan up to that point just because my sister went to Auburn. I used to be one of the first fans in the student section of home game and seeing the players work out and Alabama grew in me that first year.
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    Bama Game Thread: We're in! - College Football Playoff (CFP) Selection Show (12/3/23 | ESPN | Noon ET)

    Because Michigan cheated by stealing opposing teams signs they should NOT be in the playoffs!

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