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    Pick The Score: Texas vs Alabama

    I'll take 1 point win but to guess: Bama 31, Texas 24
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    4 Months Until Bama's 1st game, but which game concerns you the most for this season?

    In my mind it is a flip of the coin between Texas and LSU.
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    Seems to be everywhere now - Golding to Ole Miss...

    Question: What kind of contract did Golding get at Ole Miss? Raise in pay? A cut?
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    OC and DC replacement discussion

    Personally I'm not happy with the NFL and I'd like to see Coach Saban pick any coaching replacements out of the college ranks. (OK, beat me up)
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    Ole Miss wrap-up: At least temporarily, Alabama fixed some fundamental problems

    Fundamental problems should be fixed or at least worked on before the season.
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    Predict who AU will hire

    My guess is Freeze. Kiffin is not that dumb.
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    Did Harsin’s seat just get very hot?

    Harsin and his agent are smiling all the way to the bank!
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    JessN: SEC Preview: Week 2

    Looks like you are doing a good job, however I thought your preview of the Texas A&M game this week was too close.
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    Question: What Is Your Favorite Moment (Not Game) Of The Saban Era?

    Alabama's Onside kick vs Clemson in 2016 Championship game
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    So what is the status of Jeremy Pruitt’s coaching future?

    Did not Terry Bowdan fall into Auburn coaches paying players when he took the head coaching job in 1993? Probably Pruitt ran into the same at UTe and tried to slip pass it like Bowdan. However, Pruitt should have never taken a job under Fulmer he should have known better.
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    Agiye Hall gone

    Not counting Jalen Hurts, have any transfer from Alabama been successful at all?
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    Bruce Willis retiring from acting - He has aphasia

    Heard he just finished filming a movie in Bessemer and played golf locally.
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    Harsin and Auburn Drama (Auburn coaching situation talk)

    Well, how is Harsin going to play this out? Will he run the team like all this never happened or will he take revenge?
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    Pick two road games to go to this year

    Game .................. Reason Texas - Never been to Austin area of Texas Tenn - I love the Smokies after the game
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    What are your top 5 football movies of all time?

    Invincible Draft Day Waterboy Necessary Roughness Varsity Blue

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