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    Link: Jeff Banks joining Sarkisian

    Lord, some of y'all act like the only acceptable way to leave is to head out like a poor Okie on the way to California in the 1930s.
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    Bolden vs. Edelman...

    Was talking yesterday about the need for Saban to give Baker and Jones-Bell some playing time. It's here, like it or not. If both of these guys live up to the hype, we might still have a shot.
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    News Article: Former Bama QB Josh Palet discusses who replaces Saban

    I think Hugh Freeze's best Ole Miss teams are a good template for high octane offense with good and at times great defense. Don't want Freeze as coach, but that's a recipe to follow.
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    Defeating the air raid offenses

    Keep it simple. Turn Anderson and Barmore loose.
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    State of Alabama defense

    It would helpful tremendously to simplify things - and with a less mobile quarterback, turn Will Anderson lose on Stetson Bennett.
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    Poll: Are we starting to see the value of cupcake games?

    I think it does. Every talk radio host who bloviates about an "exciting schedule" should expect to see more of this. These guys are not pros.
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    Bama Game Thread: Official PostGame Thread - Bama vs. Ole Miss...

    Pete needs to ...feel bad...for a few weeks so either Stoops or Strong can take the reins.
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    Bad Defense or Changing Game?

    If we're wondering why 2015-2017 was so awesome, it's combination of insane talent and JP on 16/17. Cubelic made the point this week that JP is possibly the best in-game coach in America on the defensive side. I'm inclined to agree.
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    Big 12 off to a rough start

    I think we're headed to a point where good, up and coming coaches will earn their stripes in the more fertile recruiting ground of the Sun Belt and CUSA, instead being a doormat to Oklahoma, Clemson, or Ohio State in their respective conferences.
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    Official Alabama 2020 Depth Chart

    Barmore's had some attitude issues that should be resolved by game time.
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    B1G10/11/191323 sees teams beginning to play, decides to come out of the basement starting in October.

    The Midwest sanctimony today is just overwhelming.
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    Big 12 off to a rough start

    You hate to see it.
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    Most Overrated Bama Player As A Pro?

    If Vontez Burfict doesn't act like an idiot, AJ would have taken the Bengals to the divisional round in the playoffs and then who knows. Either way, the guy has the tools to take the reigns of a team but it just hasn't worked out.
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    Alabama announces seating capacity, tailgating banned for 2020

    But the University can wash their hands of it.

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